Fair in Florence Milan Nov.-Dec. 2021
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IT 2021.11.19 Open Appeal to the Fair in Florence (Fiera Piazza Santa Croce) and Milan (ARTIGIANO IN FIERA) in Italy

Открытое обращение к властям Италии с просьбой рассмотреть и изучить участие Свято-Елисаветинского монастыря и Андрея Лемешонок, который поддерживает безжалостное российское вторжение в Украину.

Fair in Florence Milan Nov.-Dec. 2021

Open Appeal to the Authorities in Italy with a request to consider and examine the participation of St. Elisabeth’s Convent and Andrei Lemeshonok, who supports the Ruthless Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

Dear Sirs,

SUBJECT: Andrei Lemeshonok & St. Elisabeth’s Convent in Minsk-Belarus

The Face of Neo Nazi and Fascism

By way of introduction, my name is Nicolaos Cheropoulos, Swedish citizen and, by ethnicity Greek. I have been litigating in Belarus since 2017 for the return of my two Abducted daughters back to their home in Stockholm, and I am one of many left-behind parents who are litigating in Belarus. To my knowledge, there are about 20 cases; two of them are from Italy, one from Ireland, one from France, one from Finland, and I.

The European Parliament, all its members, and the President, Mr. David Maria SASSOLI, were informed about this some months ago.

All of us left-behind parents face a blatant denial of justice, and abuse of Human and Child Rights in Belarus, in combination with a grave violation and abuse of our children’s and our own rights to have a “FAIR” trial.

It has come to my knowledge that St. Elisabeth’s Convent in Minsk, Belarus, will participate in a Craft Fair at the Christmas Market in Florence between the 20th of November to December 19th, 2021 (Firenze: Piazza Santa Croce https://www.facebook.com/mercatodinatalefirenze/) and in Milan, at Rho-Fiera between the 4th, to December 12th, 2021 (ARTIGIANO IN FIERA 2021, https://artigianoinfiera.it/).

Therefore, I am asking you to pay attention to the following information regarding the monastery “St. Elisabeth’s Convent” in Minsk and its leader Andrei Lemeshonok, who is notoriously known as a Con Artist and Charlatan. While searching and digging to find information about Andrei Lemeshonok, to my big surprise, I found out that this individual does not have any theological education. Actually, he does not have any education at all registered! This can be read on the website of the Minsk Diocese-Belarusian Orthodox Church.


The Charlatan and businessman Andrei Lemeshonok don’t hesitate to use the weakness and misery of people in need to gain money and transform them into extreme Ultra-Nationalists and fanatic supporters of the Russian World and Putin. This is very well described in Wikipedia with extended reference and information about Andrei Lemeshonok and the Monastery “St. Elisabeth’s Convent” in Minsk-Belarus.

Wikipedia: St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk-Belarus

“The convent used its retail network to promote the ideas of Russian irredentism[8], and its head priest supported the capture of Crimea by Russia.[9] In 2017, Russian GRU lieutenant colonel Anton Manshin gave a talk at the convent describing his participation in the Russian army’s ChechenUkrainian, and Syrian campaigns and promoting the ideas of the Russian world.[10] The editor of the convent’s website later said that Manshin’s invitation was their mistake.[11] In the same year, the convent hosted an exhibition dedicated to the Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family.[12]

The convent has refused to add the Belarusian language to its website.[13] Among the many temples of the convent, there is not a single one dedicated to Belarusian saints[14].”

A Monitoring of the Persecution in Belarus of People on Religious Grounds During the Political Crisis (UPDATING) 

At the general meeting of the convent on 18 August 2020, the convent’s priest, confessor Andrei Lemyashonak spoke in support of Alexander Lukashenko. He explained that the protests in the country were due to a conspiracy against the Russian Orthodox Church”

He also made a speech on the 18th of August 2020, after the elections, in support of Lukashenko, where he clearly described his support for the current Criminal regime of Belarus. His speech is full of qualified nonsense and controversies, accusing the West of all the failures of Belarusian society. Some of these statements of Andrei Lemeshonok in his 54:26 long speech are Google translated and will be presented in time order so all of you who are reading this will have a picture of this individual’s mental state.

5:30 Andrei L. recalls that he cried when the Soviet Union collapsed. Although he was a hippie and was drawn to the KGB by his long hair because he did not fit into the standards of society. When he became Orthodox, he reconsidered his attitude towards patriotism.
6:15 Andrey L. reports that there is a war going on in the world with the Russian Orthodox Church, and the whole world is at war with her.
11:25 God loves White Russia, and he deliberately says “White Russia”, not Belarus, because there are still Little Russia and Great Russia, and he would give his life for this idea of ​​Russia.
14:33 I felt pride that we have such a President – when Belgrade was bombed by NATO, only Lukashenko and Hugo Chavez supported Serbia at the UN, and even Yeltsin betrayed the Serbs. Two people who did not bend over the United States.
18:30 He (Andrei L.) simply expresses his opinion and the opinion of the monastery; everyone in the monastery should be like-minded. About free elections – they are not needed at all, “I am for the monarchy.
 Andrei L. calls Tikhanovskaya “aunt-mote”, and asks a question, will she really “rule by the state”
35:20 Andrei L. presents a new conspiracy theory, why the brutality on the part of the security forces – there are also people in the militia who dream that Belarus will become Europe, and they provoke. Tells about a certain sister who was asleep and, in a dream, heard young people say that they wanted war. And the second sister heard, they say, the Belarusian church for the revolution. And the first revolutionary was Lucifer. And there are no good examples of revolutions.
 Andrei L. calls on the king and the holy martyrs to help.

To summarize Andrei Lemeshonok’s speech, the following can be concluded;

Andrei Lemeshonok’s anti-Western Rhetoric – Everything to blame for is the invisible enemy(!?). 

In 2020, Andrei Lemeshonok was intentionally lying about the Covid-19 outbreak in April at the Monastery he is managing until his nuns exposed him, which led to a lockdown of his Business, the Monastery “St. Elisabeth Convent”.

In the Russian Language:
2020.04.23 Andrei Lemeshonok was intentionally lying about the COVID-19 outbreak in April

Translated into English: 
2020.04.23 Reported by: Marina Akhmedova on April 23, 2020, via Facebook Deputy Chief Editor at Русский Репортер

Excerpt from the article:
“For example, on Easter alone, 970 people received communion from one spoon during the night. The spoon was not processed, and when one of the girls who wanted to take communion burst into tears and asked to clean the spoon, they answered her, let her go to another church and take communion there, but this is the only way here. But if doctors come, the sick are ordered to say – “I got sick just after Easter.”

“For the parishioners, the Monastery works as usual. None of the Monastery’s acquaintances, friends, and staff should know about the situation inside the Monastery, that is, about quarantine measures. You do not need to wear masks in public, on the street, and in the temple. “

2020.05.07 Almost half of the 130 nuns of the Saint Elizabeth Monastery were infected with the coronavirus

Lemeshonok’s business-as-usual approach is Mind-Blowing Negligence! Both of my daughters were infected with Covid-19 in his church and were hospitalized for two weeks. He endangers the lives of other people without hesitation because this individual has no scruples. It is only about money for him and the Gang he represents!

The colossal contradiction is when you read the following on the website of “St. Elisabeth’s Convent:


The establishment Andrei Lemeshonok manages, the “St. Elisabeth Convent”, has expanded rapidly for the last ten years, from a couple of buildings to several buildings on an extensive land area. Therefore, it would be foolish to believe that this establishment, under the management of Andrei Lemeshonok, is just an innocent Christian entity/organization that is preaching about God’s words and helping people in need.

I tried to research and dig to find out who was behind this business establishment. But this was a mission impossible because a lot of obstacles were raised immediately. I didn’t possess the resources and contacts needed to bypass the created obstacles. I strongly believe that the establishment of “St. Elisabeth’s Convent” in Minsk is a money laundry organization with high-ranked officials involved in the organization’s structure from both Russia and Belarus.

To understand, the Business of Andrei Lemeshonok is getting funds from the Belarusian state for its different activities like school, clinic, home for disabled persons, hotels, and handicrafts. Of course, the list could be longer, but I believe it is enough with these few examples to get the picture.

Thus, the various sanctions imposed on the Belarusian Regime under Lukashenko, who is a close friend of Lemeshonok who supports him, led to the State Funds to “St. Elisabeth’s Convent” for its variety of activities stopped being paid out!

“St. Elizabeth’s Monastery near Novinki in Minsk is one of the largest in Belarus. It owns not only a spiritual complex; in a sense, it is a whole corporation – here, they sew clothes, paint icons and utensils, deal with honey and herbs, and have their own bakery, cafe, and even a medical center. In the first wave of COVID-19, when there were many patients among the inhabitants of the Monastery, the sanatorium forcibly closed the Monastery for quarantine. The priest Andrei Lemeshonok admitted that then all the income of the Monastery fell, and he did not support the call to pray at home. In today’s broadcasts, as a year ago, it is clear that the faithful come to the service without masks. However, the clergy do not keep their distance. It became known that the sisters even dissuaded people from getting vaccinated. That’s what Lemeshonok answered”.

2021.10.25 What is happening in the monastery in Navinki, which was closed due to COVID-19?

“Catholic leaders in Minsk protested after law enforcement agencies blocked the entry of St. Simon and Helena Church and later arrested protesters who had fled inside to avoid police.”

2020.08.28 Belarus church leaders protest after police block church

It should be taken into consideration that Belarus is under heavy international sanctions. Therefore your organizations and administrations of (Firenze: Piazza Santa Croce https://www.facebook.com/mercatodinatalefirenze/) in Florence and (ARTIGIANO IN FIERA 2021, https://artigianoinfiera.it/) in Milan should feel the obligation to ask the legal representative of the Convent Andrei Lemeshonok, to make a declaration where he states that he has nothing to do with Lukashenko’s Criminal Regime, that he does not get help or money from Lukashenko, that he condemns violence and that he asks for the respect of human and children rights in Belarus. Otherwise, he (Andrei Lemeshonok) will not be able to raise money and participate in the market.

Andrei Lemeshonok is holding my two daughter’s captives in his shady nest and eradicating them day by day with manipulation and brainwashing, so they will become fanatic supporters of the Russian world with the Neo-Nazi and Fascistic ideology he represents.

Headlines about Andrei Lemeshonok’s Scandals
The Russian Orthodox Church in Minsk-Belarus
News and articles about the Russian Orthodox Church

Since my children were abducted from Sweden in April 2017, I have been fighting for their return dealing with the Belarusian judicial platform under The Hague Treaty regarding Child Abduction. Hundreds (if not thousands) of pages have been written and documented in the courts.

To conclude, from the very beginning of my litigation, I was facing a blatant denial of justice in Belarus. I have witnessed a grave violation and abuse of my children’s and my own rights to have a “FAIR” trial. They are not even noticing such detail that Interpol is officially searching for my kids. Apparently, Interpol also means nothing to them.

Therefore, I created the website AACAActionAgainstChildAbduction, where I publish all the atrocities other people and I have been facing in Belarus.

All new information that is of importance and value, together with actions/initiatives performed by me, will also be published on the website AACA and on FB so the public will have an idea of what is going on at “St. Elisabeth’s Convent” and in Belarus. The criminals and mafia of Lukashenko must be exposed internationally.

Andrei Lemeshonok and Alexander Lukashenko
Andrei Lemeshonok’s son Dmitri Lemeshonok

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Nov 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023