Anthie' and Alexandra

Holidays in Hellas, July 2016. Anthie' and Alexandra just woke up
Anthie' and Alexandra - Hellas July 2016

Letters to my Abducted Daughters

Posts Dedicated to Anthie' and Alexandra

It may be that I don’t see You……… It may be that I don’t hear You every day………. But I am thinking of You and Love You EVERY DAY……

I know that your Mom never show you the letters and postcards I am sending to you Anthoula and Alexandra. Therefore, Papa is uploading them on your websites hoping that you will find them one day………….

Your Daddy, Nicolaos

My Love for Anthie and Alexandra

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos

Father o Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm Oct. 2023
Birthday Card sent to my Beloved Daughter Anthoula 2024.05.11
Do You Remember Dad - Best Social Justice Film 2024
Children for War - Monastery School IXVIS Anthoula and Alexandra 2024.02.20
I love you more than words could ever express
I love you more than words could ever express
Anthoula and Alexandra with Liudmila 2016
The White Tower in Thessalonica with Anthoula and Alexandra
Anthie and Alexandra are playing with Dandelions 2016.05.16
Choir Leader Maria Bakhvalova and one of Lemeshonok's Sect Members
Holidays in Thessalonica Greece, July 2016.
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