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Let Them Love Stop Parental Alienation
You are always in my thoughts
Anthie' and Alexandra
Anthie' and Alexandra

Private Posts and Notes for my Daughters

There is no Greater Heartbreak than that of a Parent who is forced to Live without their Children, knowing that they are slowly beeing destroyed….

I know that your Mom never show you the letters and postcards I am sending to you Anthoula and Alexandra. Therefore, Papa is uploading them on your websites hoping that you will find them one day………….

Your Daddy, Nicolaos

My Love for Anthie and AlexandraNicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father o Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm Oct. 2023
Choir Leader Maria Bakhvalova and one of Lemeshonok's Sect Members
Alexandras Babtism day Sept. 2015
Celebrating Anthoulas fourth Birthday at the Royal Palace in Stockholm
Anthoula and Alexandra with Liudmila 2016
Alexandras Babtism day Sept. 2015
Andrei Lemeshonok and the CORONA PANDEMIC April 2020
BY 2021.12.10 Open Letter to all the Parishioners and Clerics at St. Elisabeth’s Convent in Minsk - Belarus
Обращение ко всем прихожанам и священнослужителям...
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Choir Leader Maria Bakhvalova and one of Lemeshonok's Sect Members
Maria Bakhvalova Choir Leader at St. Elisabeth Convent
BY 2021.12.06 Reach out to the Choir leader Maria Bakhvalova who is my daughter Anthie’s Choir Leader.
Уважаемые матушка Мария Бахвалова, Я обращаюсь...
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Fair in Florence Milan Nov.-Dec. 2021
Reach Out to Anthoula and Alexandra
Всем больницам Минска и всем, кто может...
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