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Update 2023.03.23

Dear All,

The AACA-Team has completed the improvement work and published the new site on the 23rd of Mars 2023. Unfortunately, the translations of the Greek and Slovak languages will take a little bit longer but will be uploaded ASAP. 
The reconstruction project of the website became bigger than initially planned, and we apologize for the delay. On the road, we decided to create five utterly new sites dedicated to my daughter Anthie’, and Alexandra.

We, therefore, apologize for the delay and any inconvenience. You can visit the sites on the following links:

Please Share and Spread the Word. The traumas Child Abduction and Parental Alienation cause on children must be known worldwide.
Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Update 2022.12.31


The Website, ActionAgainstChildAbduction-AACA, has completed the new layout changes and will now start to upload translations in Russian, Ukrainian, and Slovak languages. 

In parallel, a team of professionals will optimize the website structure, SEO, and whatever will be necessary to achieve a high ranking score, site speed, and visibility around the World. 

So hold on, we are almost there and thank you for your patience. Something really Cool will soon be published.

On behalf of the Website Team in Stockholm, we wish you all a Peaceful New Year.

Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Update 2022.03.20


The Website AACA has been under heavy compromising attacks for the last four weeks. It is now up and running again. Hopefully, this will not happen again with the security measures taken. The AACA team spent a lot of hours solving the various problems, but we see the obstacles as something positive because it confirms that we reached our Goals! 

Update 2022.02.11


Revision of the entire Website and all its pages started early in February to improve the texts in English. When this will be completed, the next step will be to translate all the page content into Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, and Greek language. Simultaneously, control of permalinks (error 404) and bad links caused by the closedown of Media in Belarus by the TERROR GANG of Lukashenko.  

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