When The Abduction is a FACT

Parental Abduction Takes Toll on Kids' Mental Health
Child Abuse - A Silent Crime

What You Must Think About

Act Rapidly

Know The Primitive and Barbaric Monster

Know The Primitive and Barbaric Monster

What you must think about and how to act when

Act Rapidly

1. Submit an Application to the Police that your child/children are missing the next day!

2. Submit an Application to your Country’s MFA within 5-7 days maximum!

I would also like to advise you to fill out an application under Article 21 of The Hague Convention regarding “ACCESS” to your Children under the Litigation Process of The Hague Convention. Furthermore, you must maintain contact with your child/children if possible!

There are various opinions about what Strategy or Path to follow, but after analyzing Article 21 and consulting different Lawyers in different countries. The only reasonable Strategy or Path to follow should be to fill an application simultaneously with The Hague Application!

In my case, I was completely cut off from my children because I was advised not to fill out an Application for access to my children under Article 21. After all, it could purposely be misinterpreted in Belarus (that you de facto accept the Abduction)! Talk with your Lawyer about this.

My Attorneys and I believe that the application under Article 21 should be made simultaneously with The Hague Application. Usually, no decisions are ruled by the foreign country that can be used against the left-behind parent at that stage of the litigation process. 

Steps 1 and 2 must be completed within one week. Remember that in most cases, the abductor has planned everything in ADVANCE with the help of their social network in the country where the children were ABDUCTED!

Ask friends, relatives, and colleagues to help you, do not HESITATE!

In my case, the mother of my children filed a lawsuit against me regarding Alimony, custody, and restrictive measures which forbid my children to travel abroad without her consent! 

My children were abducted on the 18th of April, and the ABDUCTOR filed her lawsuit on the 27th of April. So in less than ten days, I hope you get my point!

Usually, there is an attempt by the country’s Central Authority where your children were “ABDUCTED” to convince the ABDUCTOR voluntarily to return with the CHILDREN! However, in my case, this was a fake attempt by the Belarusian authorities. In most cases, the ABDUCTOR will not return voluntarily with your CHILDREN!

Find a Lawyer in your Country

3. Find a lawyer in your country specializing in The Hague Convention regarding Child Abduction, preferably speaking the language where your children have been ABDUCTED! That can help a lot!

4. Submit an Application for SOLE CUSTODY ASAP to the Court in the country from where your Children were ABDUCTED. 

That is a crucial step to prohibit the abductor from raising the precedent application issue! That must be done in a maximum of ten days from the day of the Abduction.

5. Parallel, apply to the Legal aid Body or a similar institution in your country. Your Lawyer should help you to do that ASAP.

6. Consider taking a Bank Loan if you want to fight for your children’s return! The legal costs will be huge! In my case, I spent approximately 170 thousand Euros until the end of 2021 (and I am still paying)!

These were savings meant for my daughters’ future EDUCATION and DEVELOPMENT.

 A court order that you have sole custody will help you greatly if you are Litigating in a Country that respects the Law and The Hague Convention! But unfortunately, in my case, it didn’t help me because I was Litigating in a Lawless country with a Corrupt Judicial system.

Find a Lawyer in the Country where your Children were Abducted to

7. This is the most challenging step, so don’t hurry if you litigate in some East State! Some too many lawyers will only try to milk you! I changed three lawyers in one year for different reasons!

After 3 to 4 weeks, you can start to “BREATH”, a little!

8. Parallel to steps 1-7, the Police in your country will investigate and interrogate different people, including you. Therefore, you should go through everything in your home to find information related to the abductor to help the Police!

a) Try to get in contact with the friends of the Abductor and your EX! In my case, it took 31 days to get in touch with the abductor!

b) If the Abductor left a laptop at home, try to get a look at the hard disk. Perhaps you will find some mind-blowing information, be strong and take the hit!

c) Start reading information on the Internet and educating yourself because you will be in control of at least three fronts. Remember that you must give directives and follow up with the Lawyers and Authorities in your Country and Abroad!

d) Get acquainted with the ARTICLES of The Hague Convention. That is a “MUST”!

There is much information on the Internet regarding Child Abduction. I have summarized a few that I found good and easy to understand.

9. After a few months, you will receive letters from different institutions and organizations addressed to the Abductor. That can be the second CHOCK wave for you when you realize that the ABDUCTION was well planned a year earlier and even more!

The Shock is Coming

That can differ. In my case, it entered after four weeks, when I started to feel more relaxed when everything was put on a path! So when this shows up, contact a Psychologist ASAP, don’t wait!

When Start to Litigate in the Foreign COUNTRY

Be prepared to be accused of things you didn’t think were possible. On the page “Profiles of Abducting Parents”, you can read about it.

In my case, I was prepared because I had some colleagues at work from Russia and Belarus who prepared me for the methods they were using. It is dirty, very “DIRTY”!

10. If you feel that the Lawyer you have chosen in the country you are litigating is only playing with their genitals, CHANGE LAWYER ASAP!

11. Don’t accept and don’t get involved or engaged in a “Mediation” process in the country you are litigating, if it is a country like Belarus or Russia! They are incompetent amateurs who don’t give a sh….t of what is in the “Best Interest of your Children”! Instead, they will use your children as a “Blackmailing” tool to achieve their objectives for their citizens! Instead, try to find “INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION ORGANIZATIONS” to help you have a FAIR mediation PROCESS! The MFA of your Country should be able to help you with this!

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos

Must Read Documents and Information

1. MUST READ-THE BIBLE How to Win a Hague Convention Child Abduction Case (in law respecting countries)

2. HCCH The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction


4. Legal Analysis of The Convention

5. Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children

6. Borderline Personality Disorder

7. Narcissistic Personality

8. Decompensate

9. Delusions of Persecution

The parent using harmful parenting practices suffers most of the time from a borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder, related to an experience of feeling inadequate or abandoned while growing up.

This feeling may be rekindled by divorce or breakup, causing them to decompensate into delusions of persecution. 

As a result, these parents may believe they do not need to follow social norms of fairness. Instead, they may “parentify their children”, “excessively bind their children to themselves,” and demand absolute, unlimited control over their children.

While ”threatening rejection” projects their fears onto the other parent, abandoning their spouse in favor of their children, and reviving their childhood attachment trauma after a challenging experience.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, April 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023