Pitch-Book of Officials in Belarus

Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko, Алекса́ндр Григо́рьевич Лукаше́нко
Lukashenko - The Potato Führer

Political Prostitutes of Belarus

Cover-Up of Crimes and Rape of Law

Cover-up of Crimes, Rape of Law, Denial of Justice & Unfair Trials

Roman Bondarenko murdered 2020.11.12
Roman Bondarenko murdered 2020.11.12 by Lukashenkos Gang

Ever since my children were abducted in April 2017 from Sweden, I have been fighting for their return on the Belarusian judicial platform, showing respect to the Judicial Norms & Principles of the Republic of Belarus. Unfortunately, the “Rule of Law” does not exist in Belarus. 

From the very beginning of this battle, I have been facing a Blatant Denial of Justice, and I have been witnessing a grave violation and abuse of my children’s and of my own legal and human rights because the Republic of Belarus and its judicial system are vehemently trying to justify and cover up the grave legal offense that Ms. Trafimovich committed in the Kingdom of Sweden, which is part of the European Union. 

This, by ignoring, misusing, and abusing both the domestic legislation of the Republic of Belarus, creates obstacles purposely to delay the process to win time, and also by completely ignoring and misusing the Provisions under The Hague Convention regarding “Child Abduction”. I was receiving stereotyped arguments and responses from the individuals who exercise judicial and public power in Belarus, and these statements were inconsistent and contradictory, ignoring the current legislation about civil and family law in the Republic of Belarus and also International Treaties.

These individuals suffer from severe “Wannabe” and “Inferiority Complexes”, and get “High” when they misuse and abuse their Authority! It is people without free will and spirit supporting the “Parasitic Ideology” of the “Farmer Collective”.

The violations of Justice and Breach of Legal Norms have been going on for many years and are not specifically recognized just in my Litigation Process in Belarus! You will find most of these “Public Servants” in my Pitch-Book presentation and on the following independent link: https://zubr.cc/judge/

For a more detailed description of these “Public Servants”, please visit the pages:

Public Bodies BY (Belarus)

State Bodies BY (Belarus)

In memory of those who gave their lives for Liberty,
Justice & Democracy in Belarus

Assassinations in Minsk

Beneath follows a compact “Presentation” of the “Public Servants” I have been dealing with in Belarus. It consists of a “Photo Presentation” followed by the contact information of each one of them. Some of the presented individuals can also be found on recently issued SANCTION LISTS!

Let’s begin the presentation of these “Primitives” and
“Political Prostitutes” with a “Parasitic Ideology”.

Responsibility finds a way Irresponsibility makes Excuses
KADLUBAY Aleksandr Vladimirovich (КАДЛУБАЙ Александр Владимирович)
KADLUBAY Aleksandr Vladimirovich (КАДЛУБАЙ Александр Владимирович)
MAKLAKOVA Svetlana Mikhailovna (Маклакова Светлана Михайловна)
BY 2020.10.14 MAKLAKOVA S.M. Department of Education Administration
S.M. Maklakova (маклакова светлана м.),...
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MAEVSKAYA Anna Alexandrovna (Маевская Анна Александровна)
PIVOVAROVAN Natalya Petrovna (Пивоварова Наталья Петровна)
PIVOVAROVAN Natalya Petrovna (Пивоварова Наталья Петровна)
PIVOVAROVAN Natalya Petrovna (Пивоварова Наталья Петровна)
PRIGODICH Vitaly Alexandrovich (ПРИГОДИЧ Виталий Александрович)
PIVOVAROVAN Natalya Petrovna (Пивоварова Наталья Петровна)
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