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Political Prostitution and Corruption in Belarus

Justice, Democracy, and Equal Rights do not exist in Belarus. That is obvious to anyone who observes the methods used by the Cleptocrat Lukashenko and his Mafia!

Monkeys - The State Administration of Belarus

In parallel with my litigation process in Belarus, my Attorney’s and I also sent several Appeals and Complaints to the Public Authorities and the Public Servants representing these authorities.

Our main goal was to achieve access to my children and let them maintain the Greek and Swedish languages with my expenses to be able to communicate with each other. Thus, we received the same pitiful and a stereotypical answer with a rejection every time!

Nobody intervened to stop Liudmila Trafimovich’s irrational behavior and the destruction of our children. Actually, they supported and encouraged this. And, of course, the neglect and indifference of these individuals resulted in creating a “Language Barrier” between my children and me, which was the primary goal of Liudmila Trafimovich and her advisers.

As you all understand, I have been cut off intentionally from my children, so they will not have a chance to find out the truth about their Abduction.

The Public Administration of Belarus was an experience that can best be described as an apparatus of incompetence, lawlessness, and neglect. Most of the public servants working in this apparatus are specially selected to protect the “Totalitarian Regime Alexander Lukashenko” represents. The best word to describe it is a “Political Mafia” with “Political Prostitutes” recognized for their incompetence and brutality.

Since 1994, Aleksander Lukashenko has spread this tumor and infected every cell of the Public Administration with incompetent people without a free spirit and free minds to ensure and secure his position as the leader of Belarus. This incompetence is recognized from the highest-ranked public servants to the lowest-ranked public servants, ministers, Judges, Executive Committees, and Kindergarten Psychologists.

They all have one thing in common; they are connected like “Silos” without free spirit, independence, and captured in a Cocoon belonging to another ERA from the past (Soviet ERA) with a “Parasitic Ideology” and “New Rich” mentality.

These are people without a free spirit and the ability to think independently, if they can think at all. They are all members of Lukashenkos “Collective Farm”, a “Political Mafia”, and the product of a system they protect with passion and their  incompetence! Therefore, they will never give up the privileges they got from the Head of the State (Lukashenko) for the hardworking people of Belarus who must obey and be tolerant in all situations! 

The mental mindset of the Public Servants and some Lawyers in Belarus can best be described as a severe “Inferiority & Wannabe Complex”. They literally find pleasure in making people as miserable and humiliated as possible.

That is how they validate their feeling of importance and power. But unfortunately, as we know, such behavior typically occurs when it is encouraged from the top. 

We have been given many examples of the Lawlessness and Authoritarian Policies used in Belarus’s recent Election Process (2020). Elections where we experienced how the authorities treat their citizens, like Mr. Tikhanovsky S., Mr. Babarika V., his son, and Mr. Tsepkalo V., to name a few.


Public Administration in Belarus: A Story of Dysfunction

Belarus authorities threaten to take journalist’s three-year-old son into custody

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Stockholm, June 2020
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Reviewed Oct. 2023
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