The Russian Church "ROC" in Sweden

Vitaliy Babushin prays for victory over enemy - Ukraine
Russian Orthodox Church in Stockholm prays for "Victory over enemy"
The Face of Fascism and the ROC
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Vitaliy Babushin and Mariya Khatsanovska

The Russian Orthodox Church in Stockholm

The Russian Orthodox Church in Sweden

The Russian Orthodox Church in Stockholm, Priest Vitaliy
Babushin and Mariya Khatsanovska aka Mariya Kaberska.

Actors of the Tragedy-Priest Vitaliy Babushin and Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Mariya Kaberska

Priest Vitaliy Babushin and Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Mariya Kaberska

Source: 2022.05.06: Demand that the Russian Orthodox Church in Sweden break with the Patriarch

TellerReport 2022.05.06: Russian Church (Priest) prays for “Victory over Enemy”

From the very beginning, I knew that somebody helped my ex-partner Ms. Liudmila Trafimovich, to plan and realize the Abduction of my children. This “Somebody” was linked to a church that Liudmila was attending, the Russian Orthodox Church at Mariatorget (Stockholm), located at Bellmansgatan 13, Södermalm.

To explain, in 2014, my ex-partner suddenly started to frequently visit this church, where she also made friends with the Russian woman Mariya Khatsanovska aka Mariya Kaberska. They became very close, and they were meeting not only at the church but also, at Ms. Khatsanovska’s work, at the offices of Spotify. My ex-partner often told me how impressed she was with the interior design and the playground for children there. 

Source: Spotify

I mentioned the year 2014 because I did not realize its significance back then.

My ex-partner has never been heavily interested in politics or religion. In terms of politics, she hated Belarus’ Dictator Lukashenko. Liudmila often complained about the corruption and the backward system in her country and referred to Belarus as the “Collective Farm” (“Kolkhoz”). She was thrilled that she had escaped life there and could live in Sweden.

In terms of religion, she went to church just a few times a year for symbolic reasons. She never prayed at home and seldom displayed any interest in anything related to religion.

As for me, I am also Christian, but a moderate one, and I only go to church from time to time. However, in 2014, everything turned upside down. And now, several years later, I understand the reason.

In 2014, Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. So, you would think – what does this have to do with a family story somewhere in Sweden? Well, in a nutshell, the invasion of Ukraine also meant the attack on my own family, even though in Sweden.

Russia began brainwashing Russian minorities and Russian-speaking communities abroad through local churches and ethnic media (such as Russian TV). That ensures that Russia’s ideology is easily spread as part of its propaganda and uses its minorities abroad as its stronghold.

As we all know, ”The Russian Orthodox Church” is closely connected to Russian politics and “Putin”. Therefore, it serves as a tool of domestic and international influence, and that is what exactly happened with the Russian Orthodox Church in Stockholm through the Priest Vitaliy Babushin. 


SW 2019.05.12: STATEMENT BY THE RECTOR OF ST. TRANSFIGURATION Orthodox Parish in Stockholm

THF 2019.02.22: How Putin Uses Russian Orthodoxy to Grow His Empire

UU 2022.04.06: Putin’s vision of a conservative orthodox superpower

The Priest Vitaliy Babushin started to promote Russian politics heavily and fiercely defended Russian military actions in Ukraine. Moreover, he preached a vision of the “Great Russia” that would include the neighborhood countries. 

One day, after my ex-partner Ms. Liudmila Trafimovich returned from church, she showed me a photo of a teenager wearing a T-shirt with a picture of Mr. Putin on her mobile phone.

She told me with excitement that this was a “real patriot”, and that this was the son of the Priest Vitaliy Babushin. I was shocked because I thought politics had nothing to do with religion or Christian values. I still was not able to connect the dots back then.

I was watching in disbelief how my ex-partner and her friend Mariya Khatsanovska (МарияХацановская) turned into mental zombies—telling people that “new times” were coming and that the new Great Russia would save the world. At the same time, they started to mock Ukraine, and Mariya Khatsanovska has frequently been putting down in public her own husband, who happened to be Ukrainian. 

During the year 2014, and under the constant influence of this Church and Mariya Khatsanovska, my ex-partner Liudmila Trafimovich became a highly conservative and fanatic person. She started to dress very conservatively and constantly prayed at home. Liudmila also decorated our apartment with various images of saints, reading the Bible and religious materials only.

She also began to order many books from Belarus written by the author Andrei Lemeshonok, who is the Archpriest of the Convent of St. Elizabeth in Minsk, Belarus (see attached picture with a few of his books in our home).

The "Author" Andrei Lemeshonok

Priest Andrei Lemeshonok, manager of St. Elisabeth’s Convent in Minsk

Liudmila spent more time at the church, on the internet, and with Mariya Khatsanovska rather than with her own family. She stopped helping me with anything at home. She started to treat me with hostility because I was not sharing her religious and political views. 

I strongly believe that I lost my family “thanks to” the Russian Orthodox Church. And specifically, “thanks to” the Priest Vitaliy Babushin, Mariya Khatsanovska, and the Priest Andrei Lemeshonok, three manipulators, who, I realized later, were also playing an extensive role in the Abduction of my children.

I also want to mention that my ex-partner was seeing a psychologist in Sweden starting in 2012 (after our daughter Anthie’s birth) until 2017. The last time she saw her psychologist was just a few days before the Abduction. The main reason for her therapy was her frequent anger outbursts issues and her self-harming syndrome (Borderline).

That, of course, made her an easy target for any experienced manipulator. Unfortunately, my ex-partner could never escape the constant influence and brainwashing of the trio Babushin – Khatsanovska – Lemeshonok. She never listened to me trying to discuss this with her. The more I tried to talk to her, the more she resented and avoided me.

Anytime I tried to direct her attention to other topics, she became incredibly irritated and hostile. Nevertheless, she continued attending this church, and after several years of this insanity and mental manipulation, she became convinced that she and our kids would have a much better life back in Belarus because Sweden was a “devil, non-believing” country!

In addition, Vitaliy Babushin and Mariya Khatsanovska turned Liudmila totally against me because I disagreed with their opinions and did not attend this church with her. So, in their minds, I automatically became their opponent and enemy.

My despair reached the maximum point when my daughter Anthie’ started to kiss my hands the way she did at the church, where she was kissing the hands of the Priest Vitaliy Babushin. After this, and considering that my ex-partner stopped caring about her family for a long time, focusing only on the church, I proposed that we should separate. I thought that we would share custody of our children, and in this way, I would be in a better position to detach our children from this madness, at least partially.

However, when Liudmila heard my proposal, she became furious and threatened to harm herself and our children if I really left her.

Given her ongoing mental health issues, I got petrified that she would do something crazy, and I never mentioned this to her anymore. I now know that I should have ignored her threats and proceeded with informing all the relevant authorities to help me protect our children. Now, I am paying dearly for my mistake.

Today, my children are abducted and stuck at a Monastery in Minsk. However, interestingly, neither Priest Vitaliy Babushin nor Mariya Khatsanovska moved back to “Great Russia” or to “Belarus” to enjoy their lives over there. Instead, for some reason, they continue living their comfortable lives together with their children in the wild, wild West, the same West that they hate.

Priest Vitaliy Babushin’s kids attend the Russian school at the Russian Embassy in Stockholm. At the same time, my children are subject to heavy brainwashing, unable to defend themselves in a “Sect School” at a Monastery in Minsk surrounded by Primitive and Ruthless individuals.

Their children live with both of their parents. In contrast, my children have been completely cut off from me, living about 1000 km away. Moreover, they are isolated from me and “Alienated” by their mentally fragile and fanatic mother, who never responds to my text messages. Instead, Liudmila sends pictures of our children to other people 1-2 times a year, but rarely to me directly.

Of course, and in line with the “Parental Alienation” strategy and syndrome, she always sends only pictures of our children smiling and looking happy. That is Liudmila’s way of convincing the world that Anthie’ & Alexandra are happy even without their father.

That is “Abuse”, “Manipulation,” and “Hypocrisy”

Further to this, I would like to draw your attention to what the Priest Vitaliy Babushin is saying publicly about Sweden. As mentioned previously, unfortunately, Vitaliy Babushin hates Sweden, even though he has been living here with his family for quite a few years and enjoys all the freedoms and qualities that Sweden provides.

As a “Thank You” to Sweden for his comfortable life, Priest Vitaliy Babushin compares life in Sweden to a “Sodom and Gomorrah”. 



He is badmouthing the Swedish Church (because it accepts same-sex marriages and allows women to serve as priests). According to him, the Swedish Church stopped respecting the Bible and stopped being Christian at all.

Below please find a brief summary of some of his statements in this article:

# According to him, the Swedish Church no longer has a status of a Church because the Swedish priests do not have to believe in God, and there is no spiritual value left in the Swedish Church:

# He reduces Swedish Church to some kind of social service that is also experimenting with genders.

# All that the Swedish Church really does is just administrative stuff such as issuing birth certificates and taking care of the cemeteries, and creating fun for people:

# Swedish kids “most likely” could hear about God for the first time ever just thanks to the Russian Orthodox Church:

# Babushin is also irritated that women can serve in Swedish Church as priests – as he says himself, he reacts to this with a “condescending” smile:

# The Swedish language is not good enough to use for a Holy Mass – it is unable to express the same idea as the Church Slavonic language because it is clumsy:

# In his opinion, the Swedish priests and, especially, the Swedish female priests view the Russian Orthodox priests as some kind of “Shamans” and “Pagans”. But for some reason, they do not look at the other Orthodox Priests the same way, etcetera.

In addition to this, the questions and statements of this “Interview”, remind more of a self-serving article with leading questions to mock Sweden and Western culture. For instance, the person who conducts this “Interview” with Vitaliy Babushin states:

“Probably because the Swedes do not have a historically established fear of Romanians or Greeks, but they do have a fear of Russians”.


HIR 2022.08.03: Domestic Violence, Traditional Values, and Masculinity in Modern Russia 2021.03.08: Russia’s Deadly Negligence of Domestic Violence

BBC 2018.03.07: The dark reality of Russia’s domestic violence laws

And, of course, Priest Vitaliy Babushin is criticizing Sweden and Swedish culture in a street-smart way, in Russian (!). So that people in Sweden won’t be able to easily read or understand what he is producing behind their backs.

I leave it up to you to create your own opinion about the above. Still, I hope you now understand what is happening here and what Priest Vitaliy Babushin really represents.

When the “Abduction” of my children was completed and given that my ex-partner spent more time at this church than with me, I immediately called Vitaliy Babushin. However, my many calls to him were never answered. Therefore, I decided to visit this church in person, together with the Godmother of my daughter Anthie’. But unfortunately, we were told that Priest Vitaliy Babushin “was not there” and was referred to one of his associates who pretended that he didn’t know Ms. Trafimovich at all (!). That was, of course, absurd. So, I had to show him a photo from the baptism day of my daughter Alexandra, and suddenly, he knew who she was.

The picture beneath shows Mariya Khatsanovska (to the left, holding my daughter), my ex-partner Liudmila Trafimovich (in the center), and the Priest Vitaliy Babushin, baptizing my daughter Alexandra.

Alexandras Babtism day Sept. 2015

Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Mariya Kaberska
The God Mother of Alexandra

Of course, everyone constantly denied any involvement in the Abduction. And suddenly, they disappeared from my life. They never asked how I felt, never tried to talk to me, never called me, never attempted to visit me, no, nothing. You would expect an ordinary church or a priest to try to see how to help me (at least, morally) after I suddenly lost my partner and my children.

Yet, in this case, strangely, nobody at this church worried about where their committed believer Liudmila Trafimovich was.

Their mission was completed, and I did not matter to them; I never did!

When I reported the Abduction of my kids to the Police in Sweden, I immediately informed them about my conviction that Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Mariya Kaberska, and the Priest Vitaliy Babushin were involved in the Abduction of my children.

# The investigation materials clearly describe that Mariya Khatsanovska bought the tickets for my ex and my children. She was with Liudmila at the Arlanda bus station before the Abductor boarded the bus to the Airport with my children.

# According to Mariya Khatsanovska, she bought the tickets the same day via the internet. But this was technically impossible because the system, for security reasons, does not process same-day purchases, which I also pointed out to the Police several times.

The Abduction has been planned well ahead of time in detail. And Mariya Khatsanovska, realizing the possible legal consequences of her actions, has not been telling the truth.

Now Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Mariya Kaberska, lives and works in London – England. The interesting thing is that Mariya Khatsanovska, before she abandoned Sweden in January 2019, she changed her name from Mariya Kaberska to Mariya Khatsanovska. But still, it didn’t help her to become anonymous!

After the Abduction, my ex-partner Liudmila Trafimovich was hiding for 31 days with our children. The research and collected information point to the certainty that she was hiding at the Monastery of Saint Elisabeth Convent in Minsk, Belarus, under the protection of Priest Andrei Lemeshonok.


Wikipedia: Andrei Lemeshonok St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk

She is also working there now, as I was informed (2019.11.16) by M.E. Maslov from the “Education Authorities” in Belarus. Mr. Maslov also informed me that my daughter Anthie’ attends the Monastery School Ixhvis, which the Priest Andrei Lemeshonok manages inside the St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk.

Now, my younger daughter Alexandra also attends this Monastery “Sect School” since September 2021. Some photos on the Monastery of St. Elisabeth’s Convent Website clearly confirm that.


M.E. Maslov (М.Е. Маслов) from the “Education Authorities”in Minsk

St Elisabeth Monastery School Ixhvis-Minsk

Too many “coincidences” here, don’t you agree?

As such, I genuinely believe the “Abduction Operation” has been orchestrated and planned with the help of Priest Vitaliy Babushin, Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Kaberska, and of course, Priest Andrei Lemeshonok. Who just then finalized this grand plan by sheltering my ex-partner and our children at the St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk that he is heading as the Archpriest.

More information and details can be found on the Website “The Russian Orthodox Church & the Saint Elisabeth Convent in Minsk”, which describes the ruthless methods of “Priest Andrei Lemeshonok” and his primitive associates.

And now, no “Devil” culture from the West can “harm” my ex-partner or my children. Because these people, unfortunately, honestly believe that they actually did something outstanding by destroying the lives and future development of two bright and intelligent young children, my daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra!

Their blind fanatism, sick pride, and egoism nurtured by hatred towards anything different from their beliefs, do not realize they are precisely acting against what the Bible is saying.

It is not the clothes that make the Priest, but about what he is PREACHING and how he ACTS Andrei Lemeshonok, Vitaliy Babushin, and Mariya Khatsanovska!

May all of you involved in the Abduction and Destruction of my Daughters be judged by God, and remember, you will never be forgotten or forgiven because I am not God! You will feel my breath in your neck as long as I live.

I will conclude this part of my letter by saying that several countries already clearly recognized what is hiding behind the Russian Orthodox Church. Some of them have even cut ties with it completely (such as Ukraine). Ukraine clearly named the Russian Church as a national security threat to their country!


NY Times 2019.01.24: Michael Khodarkovsky – Putin’s dream of godliness, holy Russia

Newsweek 2018.07.30: Russian Orthodox Church Is Security Threat to Ukraine, Says President

Experts in Sweden also view this church as a security threat to Sweden. In addition, there are published articles about priests involved in money laundering, having connections to organized crime, and politicians with dual/conflicting interests! 


VLT 2019.03.19: Building of Russian orthodox church in Sweden presents a potential security threat

Meanwhile, Belarus is trying hard to limit any non-Belarusian churches or religions, such as Catholics.


CNE 2023.10.17: Belarusian Judge confirms the liquidation of the New Life Church in Minsk

Tablet 2021.07.07: Belarus president links Catholic Church with Nazis

Belarus also creates obstacles for others to pray (“Among Christian groups, Protestant congregations seem to struggle to exist in Belarus. That is illustrated by the case of the New Life Church, which uses a cow barn for its gatherings and services. Minsk authorities wanted to deprive the community of a place of worship.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, April 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023