MASLOW Maxim Evgenievich, Маслов Максим Евгеньевич
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BY 2019.11.16 ANSWER with Refusal received from the Education Administration Deputy Maslov M.E.

On the 16th of November, I received a pitiful and ambivalent answer from the Education Administration, Deputy Maslov M.E., where he is refusing to give me the requested information about my children except for informing me that my daughter Anthie’ is now attending a private school named “Ichvis”!

While researching this school, I was extremely shocked. This was a Church School (St. Elisabeth Convent) under the management of the Ultranationalist and Businessman Andrei Lemeshonok

The Face of Neo Nazi and Fascism

Andrei Lemeshonok and Alexander Lukashenko at St. Elisabeth Convent 2023.01.07

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

SCHOOL IXHVIS at St Elisabeth’s Monastery  Oct. 2022

MASLOW Maxim Evgenievich, Маслов Максим Евгеньевич

MASLOW Maxim Evgenie ( Маслов Максим Евгеньевич)
Deputy Head of Education Department Administration of the Oktyabrsky District Minsk

tel./fax: (017) 213 28 15

The Complete Answer from M.E. Maslov:

About consideration of the appeal

Dear Nicolas Cheropoulos!

Department of Education Administration of the Oktyabrsky District Minsk informs you of your appeal.

Cheropoulou Alexandra, born in 2015, is a pupil GUO “Sanatorium kindergarten 480 in Minsk.”

According to information on the registration of children to be educated, Anthoula Anthie’ attends the Ihvis Private School.

In accordance with Art. 20 Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities,” You have the right to appeal this answer to the Minsk City Executive Committee (Minsk, Independence Ave., 8).

Deputy Head of Department

M.E. Maslow

Attached Hereto:

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Nov 2019
Reviewed Oct. 2023