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Dmitri Lemeshonok Son of Andrei Lemeshonok and Neo Nazi Supporter

Priest Andrei Lemeshonok’s son, Dmitry Lemeshonok
A Hitler Fan and Putin supporter

It took me almost five months to finally get a confirmation of which school my daughters were attending. While researching the information about the school, my worst fears came true; I found out that it is a Monastery school.

I also found pictures of my children exposed on their Web site, and I read the school description, which claims that this school follows the education curriculum of Belarus. However, what I found on their Website made me even more worried and convinced me about the opposite.

As I see it, my children are exploited gravely, without protesting and reacting because of their age. Below please find a few excerpts from St. Elisabeth’s Convent Website:

SCHOOL IXHVIS at St Elisabeth’s Monastery 


The school teachers held an exciting military-patriotic game, “Defenders of the Fatherland”, where the boys participated in simulated hostilities and threw grenades. The guys even shot at the target! 

Military excercises at School ICHVIS Monastery School

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

Children are happy to attend interesting and unusual elective classes, “Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture”, where they get closely acquainted with the Orthodox faith. 

Love for the Fatherland and respect for elders. In other words, they are shown spiritual and moral guidelines to sow a healthy grain, which will surely give good fruits in the future. Our goal is to raise children with loving, pure, and kind hearts. We want every child to remain genuine, not to lose his inner spiritual beauty or become infected with a lie (!?). 

Authors note:

Anyone with common sense realizes that Andrei Lemeshonok’s statements are very controversial and in extreme contrast to reality. Children are forcibly manipulated and brainwashed to become devoted supporters of the primitive and ruthless “Russian World”.


Article by Priest Andrei Lemeshonok:

# Our country is collecting signatures under an appeal to the President in defense of traditional family values. Sign up or not? Priest Andrei Lemeshonok answers.

# LGBT is an anti-family ideology; it’s a struggle against the family. Destroying the family is the devil’s number one task. When destroying the family, then the world will collapse.

# When this is on display, when gay pride parades are held, and young people get involved and poisoned by this madness, one cannot be indifferent. That is an abomination!

# This is scary. But, this tolerance is also propaganda. For a long time, films about Sodom’s sin, mainly Western ones, began to be specially created purposefully. All this, all this sin is so beautifully presented… But this is devilishness!

# We live in a world where there is so much dirt and sin! We must fight for the purity of human souls. We must be careful all the time, be able to give the correct answer at any moment to a specific question, and correctly respond to a particular situation.



Obitel: 2019.11.19 Letter to the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenka

The above statements of Priest Andrei Lemeshonok give a clear picture of his mental state and emotional world. It seems that Andrei Lemeshonok believes that mainly “Gays” and “Western Culture” are threatening the traditional family values of Russian and Belarusian families. In my view, though, he is only taking a delusional approach to this issue.

Interestingly, though, Andrei Lemeshonok could not maintain his own family. Did the “Western Culture” and “Gays” destroy his family? Who will Andrei Lemeshonok blame for his personal failures?

Instead of recognizing the socioeconomic failure of Belarus’s corrupt and incompetent state and public administration, he chooses to attack individuals with different “Sexual” orientations or the “West” to divert from the real problems of Belarus and Russia.

That is a typical feature of the mentality seen in many post-communist countries. Instead of looking deeply into myself and trying to correct my failures, I will rather blame the invisible “outside enemy”.

In the past, I contacted this Monastery and Priest Andrei Lemeshonok personally, trying to find a compromise, a communication channel between the Abductor of my children and myself, as she ignores me 24/7. However, although the Church officials promoted family values and talked about family, they completely ignored my letters. They crossed me out as if I had never counted at all.

So much for the Christian values that they pretend to follow. Therefore, I again wrote and sent the following message thru their Website on January 4th, 2019:

Father Andrei Lemeshonok,

I have been writing to you earlier. The first time was on December 12th, 2018, one day before your Angel’s day, to congratulate you and present the Cross I am carrying on my shoulder.

I wrote to you again after some time thru St. Elisabeth Convent’s Website

Until this day, you are ignoring me, father Andrei. Why? Is it because you have technical problems with your communication channels? If so, perhaps I should make my letters to you public in mass media!

Or is the reason that you consider me to be a child from a less worthy God because I belong to the Hellenic Orthodox Church?


Aljazeera: 2018.10.15 Russian Orthodox Church splits from Constantinople over Ukraine

Since I was a child, my family has taught me that we are all equal and welcome in God’s eyes. God does not make a difference if you are good or evil. If you are a criminal or a prostitute, he welcomes all of us!

Since I am writing to you, I would like to address the following question:

Do you, father Andrei Lemeshonok, consider it morally and ethically justified for a mother to Abduct/Kidnap, her children and deny the father of those children to be a part of their lives and upraise? 

You are the spiritual father of the mother who Kidnapped my children in April 2017, and I hope to have an answer from you this time because you are considered the tool of God.

With Respect and Merry Christmas*,
Nicolaos Cheropoulos
* As we know, the Russian Church celebrates Christmas on January 6th.

I received a concise answer from Priest Andrei Lemeshonok on January 15th, 2019. He asked me to stop by once I visited Minsk. I replied to him after a couple of days, confirming the dates of my future visits.

That was, however, a very naïve step for me to take. The Priest, Andrei Lemeshonok, informed my ex-partner of the exact days I planned to visit Minsk, and she removed our children from the kindergarten they were attending back then.

Therefore, I could not meet with my children, despite flying over 1000 km to see them. So much for Priest Andrei Lemeshonok’s Christian “values and attitude”, or his “sincere” willingness to help my children or me.

To this day, Priest Andrei Lemeshonok did nothing to help me see my children attending the Monastery School that he manages. Yet, he sees them every day, and I never do, although I am their father and not him.

Not sure how he justifies this to God, whom he pretends to believe.

But why am I surprised at all? When trying to find more information about this Convent and Andrei Lemeshonok, to my further horror, this is a summary of the article that I found:

In November 2017, the Saint Elisabeth Convent organized a meeting with lieutenant colonel Anton Manshin.

Anton Manshin belongs to The Main Directorate of the General
Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Anton Manshin came wearing an army uniform and gave a speech to people who gathered at the Sunday school of the Monastery. In the room were about 100 people, including nuns and families with children. He mainly talked about God’s miracles that he apparently witnessed while serving at war in Chechnya, Donbas, and Syria.

He was also asking the present men to be prepared to serve in a war that was coming soon, and he called this a “War for Holy Russia”.


NashaNiva: 2017.09.11 “The men present here will take part in the war for Holy Russia” – “Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian GRU Anton Manshin”

The general public expressed shock and disgust in the discussion forum published below the article.

A few of the comments follow:

# This Corporation, called “Saint Elizabeth Convent,” is neither Orthodox nor Christian. Instead, this business center supports Russian business and the “Moscow Patriarchate” ideology on Belarusian soil. The “Moscow Patriarchate” ideology is a tumor in our land. It started with setting up a “small chapel” that has expanded into eight church buildings, many shops, hotels, and a cinema.

# This “Russian world” is just for the losers with a damaged psyche.

# It is an open call for participation in the “Holy Russian War”, a Criminally punishable act. How long will we allow it? The Prosecutor’s Office must deal with this person.

# Pure extremism.

# Such people must not be allowed anywhere….

# It’s a shame that such “warriors and touring clowns” are desecrating the country only by their presence. It’s a shame that the advocates of “Holy Russia” lowered the Church’s esteem to the level of a sect for the insane and holy fools. The performed show by this comedian cannot be named otherwise).

# This Colonel wants the Belarusians to fight and die for “THEIR HOLY RUSSIA”? You’re lying, Colonel! We absolutely do not need to die for your Russian interests! In no case should your problems become our problems! We do not need your problems!


Churchby: 2023.01.01 “Andrei Lemeshonok – I voted for Lukashenka”. Monastery in honor of the Dictator!

Churchby: 2020.08.25 Collective appeal of the parishioners of the St. Elisabeth Monastery to the Metropolitan on the actions of Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok

Churchby: 2022.11.22 Due to the support of Russian aggression, St. Elisabeth Monastery becomes non grata in Europe

The public’s outrage is seen clearly in all of the comments posted here. According to the article, Manshin is just a small example of primitive individuals who visit this Monastery.

Citing another article:

Another one is Dmitriy Lemeshonok, who is 45+ y.o. Bald, wearing a beard, often wearing a T-Shirt promoting the separatist “Donetsk People’s Republic” or the Minsk soccer team “Dinamo”.

Dmitriy Lemeshonok is the son of Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok, the head of Saint Elisabeth Convent. He often comes to the Monastery and likes to take pictures with the “Nuns”.

Dmitry Lemeshonok with Nun's at St. Elisabeth Convent

Dmitriy Lemeshonok, the son of Andrei Lemeshonok

“Dmitriy Lemeshonok was one of the founders of the current ultras of the soccer team Dinamo, and he was a Nazi supporter. Today, the soccer team supporters no longer want to deal with him, and he is no longer related to them”.

Dmitri Lemeshonok (ДмитрийЛемешенок), the son of Andrei Lemeshonok

“Dmitriy Lemeshonok, a Nazi supporter”

After some time, Dmitriy turned into an “Orthodox activist” while still massively supporting Russia’s politics. 

Who is Dmitry Lemeshenok? A man in a “DPR” T-shirt?

He was one of those who also beat up the pro-Ukrainian activist, Mr. Nikolay Demidenko, at the premises of “Moscow House” in Minsk.

That happened during a meeting with the writer Nikolay Starikov, who wrote about the “Black Hundred”, which was an ultra-nationalist movement in Russia.



NashaNiva: 2017.09.12 Who is Dmitry Lemeshenok? A man in a “DPR” T-shirt close to the St Elisabeths Convent

After reading this, I understood that my only hope could be the nuns. But unfortunately, after I read the following feedback on how nun Tavifa treats people at this Monastery, I understood that this place needs to be urgently checked by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Belarus, and perhaps also by the Police!

Business! They make money on weak people.
They fool the government!

Feedback about the employer “St. Elisabeth Monastery” from October 2010:

I found a job at this Monastery as an electrician through a job posting that I saw on the internet. I applied for this job and was interviewed by the nun responsible for the Monastery’s technical part. Her name was Tavifa (as I learned later, she had two master’s degrees in humanitarian studies). She explained the job’s specifics to me and stated that my salary (min. 1.5 million rubles) would be paid to me on time.

In 2010, this was considered a good salary, so it worked for me, mainly because I thought that nun Tavifa was a spiritual person, and she would not lie to me – that would be considered a great sin. We also agreed on a test period of 1 month. However, my salary would be the same, without any impact. A power engineer, a civilian contractor, has reconfirmed the same to me.

I started to work there on October 1st. I was a little bit confused because there was still no written contract signed. But I have been told that this is how it works at this place because it is a Monastery and that the verbal agreement with Tavifa is the most important one, and if she agrees on something, it will happen as agreed! So I calmed down, and I worked normally. I could write a book about the job itself because I have had millions of various impressions, and it is impossible to describe it. At the end of October, I talked to the power engineer, asking him whether I had passed the testing period. He said yes, you did. So do not worry about anything and keep working. As nun Tavifa has said, you will receive your October salary in November.

Mid-November, approximately from 10-12th, I was paid the first part: 400 thousand rubles. So, I thought that’s OK, they will pay the rest to me (the 1.1 million rubles) later, and because we also did mainly installation work (this job is paid much more anywhere, even at the Monastery), I should get even more money, at the end.

When they were hiring me, they notified me that the salary is paid from the 25th through the 30th day of each month, and in cash – I thought that’s OK, I can get used to this. November ended, and nobody said one word about my salary. My mood starts going down. Finally, on December 1st, they start paying salaries. I was going to sign the salary paperwork and noticed that they would only pay me 700 thousand. I thought it was a mistake because they were supposed to pay me a minimum of 1.1 million rubles, so I voiced my concerns.

The bookkeeper responded; if you have any questions, talk with nun Tavifa. So I went to her, trying to clarify what had happened. In response, I can hear a steel voice:

“If you don’t like something here, you can go”

We are not keeping anybody here. That was it. Nothing has helped me – I tried to explain that I have a family to feed and that it’s not nice to lie to people, that lying is a sin, etcetera… But I was talking to a wall. And…they f ….d me.

When they fool you at some store or sell you poor-quality merchandise at a market, I still don’t feel so bad because that is, to some extent, my fault. However, when a “spiritual person” f …ck you right in your face, it hurts to tears.

To sum this up, they are just cheaters – at first, they are nice to you, and then they turn their backs on you. The main thing is that they will be f…ng you by telling you about morale and soul at every corner when in reality they are just mother fu….rs!


Orabote 2010:

The previous feedback was followed by another online feedback from August 2018 (i.e., relatively recent):

# Stealth of the nuns

# Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok loves money

# Nuns are spying on you

# The Monastery is run like a business

# Many people at this Monastery become alcoholics and go crazy

# Workers are not being paid at all, or they are being paid much less than initially agreed on

# Almost all the guards are harassing poor people and homeless people

# There is no love here

# And, they still have the nerve to ask – what is wrong with this place?

# As Jesus Christ said, you should sell your properties and give out everything to poor people, but here, they are covering themselves with disabled people and orphans while the government gave them everything

# How come Priest Andrei Lemeshonok is not ashamed to live like a rich man

# An honest person wrote this


Orabote 2018:

Wikipedia: 2017-2021 St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk)

Vox Populi – Vox Dei

Dear Audience,

Based on my personal experience and the publicly available information about this Convent and Priest Andrei Lemeshonok, his son Dmitriy, and nun Tavifa. I am now absolutely convinced that my children (and maybe not only mine) are being held captive at this extremist, nationalistic, shady mercantile nest officially run as a “Monastery with a School”.

My ex-partner, Liudmila Trafimovich, was successfully brainwashed, and I am sure that not only was she brainwashed by this mafia-based network of experienced servants of the “Russian Nationalistic Ideology”.

That is, they are trying hard to recruit more and more people to cement their influence in Belarus and abroad. My children are proven to be the victims of this.

The St. Elisabeth Convent similarly grooms the children as the Soldier Children are groomed in other countries such as Afghanistan or the Central African Republics. Of course, the Belarusian authorities must be aware of this, but still, they ignore and neglect what is happening directly in the city of Minsk.

I do not know if it is because the Minsk authorities support the “Russian World”, or perhaps they benefit from the earnings generated by this business site, or both.

Belarus still has a long way to go to reach democracy and eliminate the old mentality, parasitic ideology, heavy censorship, and corruption.

I ask the world to please help my children escape this sick and unhealthy environment they are forced to attend. I do not want my children to become what ”Andrei Lemeshonok’s son” has become. Furthermore, I strongly protest my children’s current psychological and emotional abuse that they have to endure at this Convent every day.

I am publicly asking my children to be immediately removed from any influence of this Church, Convent, nuns, Andrei Lemeshonok, his son, or anyone associated with these “Primitives” in any way.

I am asking my children to be transferred to a public school that is religiously neutral and accessible to me. And I am kindly asking everyone to please help my children with this in any way they can because it is impossible for me to do this alone, given the current state of Belarus.

If anyone who reads this article ever sees or meets my daughters, please tell them that I did everything possible and impossible to help them. For several years, I fought with the corrupt and primitive Belarussian system, with many ignorant, self-centered, hypocritical lawyers (there are exceptions, but very few). I fought with ruthless, corrupt, and primitive judges who had only started learning what The Hague Convention says and means.

It will take several generations to clean up the backward judicial system there, and I do not have so much time to wait to witness the bright day when Belarus finally achieves its inner freedom.

Unfortunately, time plays against me, so to leave a trace of the truth about my daughters’ Abduction, I set up the Website AACA – Action Against Child Abduction, dedicated to my daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra and to all the left-behind parents in the world and their children.

I also want to tell everyone in Ukraine that I admire your fight for freedom, courage, passion, and pride. The fact that your Church has cut off any ties with the Russian Orthodox Church was a brilliant and necessary move to protect yourself from the hidden enemy.

Unfortunately, what happened to me is just a small validation of your long-term negative experience with the “Parasitic Ideology” acting through the Russian Orthodox Church. I wish Ukraine well, and I hope that Belarus will take a lesson from you and that they will also try to get rid of their own “Parasites” and “Political Prostitutes” ASAP.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, April 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023