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Open Letter to Lukashenko's Gang

The Manifest

Open Letter to the Criminals 

Monkeys - The State Administration of Belarus

When my litigation process in Belarus was over, a process where Belarusian courts and civil servants repeatedly ignored and vandalized my rights and the rights of my children without any shame or consequences for their illegal actions. I, therefore, decided to finalize this Judicial farce by sending an “Open Letter” (Manifest) to express my opinion about them.

It is a very straightforward, no-bullshit letter that I recommend everyone to read. It summarizes my honest opinion about these primitive and retarded caricatures, recognized by severe inferiority complexes and the syndrome of deprivation (thirst for money and authority).



The Manifest is dedicated to all of you, the criminal Gang of corrupt judges, prosecutors, ministers, and public servants whom I have dealt with since 2017 during my struggle to return my abducted children back to their home in Stockholm, Sweden.

BIRULIYA Olga Anatolyevna Deputy Chairman of the Oktyabrsky District Court
SHUTKO Natalya Andreevna Judge of the Oktyabrsky District Court
MAKAREVICH Svetlana Yurievna Chairman of the Oktyabrsky District Court


BABKINA Natalia Alekseyevna Judge Minsk City Court
RUDNITSKAYA Elena Borisovna Judge Minsk City Court
YABLOKOVA Inna Gennadyevna Judge Minsk City Court
ZHULKOVSKAYA Tatiana Vasilyevna Judge Minsk City Court
MURENTSOVA Elena Evgenyevna Judge Supreme Court
PRUDNIKOVA Elena Mikhailovna Judge Partizansky District Court
UGNIVENKO Inna Nikolaevna Judge Minsk City Court
KORSHUNOVICH Pavel Ivanovich Chairman of Minsk City Court
GRIGOROVICH Vladimir Vladimirovich Deputy Chairman of Minsk City Court
NIKOLAYEV Sergei Vyacheslavovich Deputy Chairman of Minsk City Court


KHMARUK Sergey Konstantinovich Prosecutor of Minsk Belarus
KARPOVICH Alexander Vladimirovich Prosecutor of Minsk Belarus


STUK Aleksey Konstantinovich Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus
KONYUK Alexander Vladimirovich Ex-General Prosecutor of Belarus
SHVED Andrey Ivanovich Prosecutor General of Belarus


SUKALO Valentin Olegovich Chairman of the Supreme Court of Belarus
ZABARA Andrei Alexandrovich Ex-Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court of Belarus


ALESHIN Aleksey Alekseevich Head of International Cooperation Department
TUSHINSKY Igor Geroninovich Ex-Deputy Minister of Justice
AVDEEV Andrey Dmitrievich Deputy Minister of Justice
SLIZHEVSKIY Oleg Leonidovich Ex-Minister of Justice
ZADIRAN Sergey Vladimirovich First Deputy Minister of Justice


KADLUBAI Aleksandr Vladimirovich Deputy Ministry of Education
KARPENKO Igor Vasilievich Ex Minister of Education


PRIGODICH Vitaly Alexandrovich Deputy Chairman of Executive Education Committee


VOLCHENKOV Alexander Anatolievich Deputy Head of Education Department
MASLOV Maxim Evgenievich Deputy of Education Department
KRIVOVYAS Vasily Sergeevich Ex-Head of the Child Protection Sector
MAKLAKOVA Svetlana Mikhailovna Educational Psychologist


MAEVSKAYA Anna Alexandrovna Deputy head of Education Department


ARGUNOVA Oksana Mikhailovna Head of KINDERGARTEN No. 480
ADRIANOVA Olga Anatolyevna Child Psychologist of KINDERGARTEN No. 480


KARANIK Vladimir Stepanovich Ex Minister of Health
SIVAK Anatoly Alexandrovich Ex-Head of Minsk City Executive Committee
GOVORUNOV Sergey Alexandrovich Department of Appeals Ministry of Health


MALYSHKO Sergey Semyonovich Ex-Head of Minsk Executive Health Committee
KAZACHENOK Zhanna Viktorovna Ex-Head of Minsk Health Executive Committee
CHEREDNICHENKO Dmitry Vladimirovich Ex-Deputy Chairman of Executive Health Committee


PIVOVAROVA Natalya Petrovna Deputy Chief Physician City Children’s Clinic No. 13
GAGANOVA Natalia Vasilievna Chief Medical Officer of City Children’s Clinic No. 13


My legal battle took place in the lawless State of Belarus, where none of the hypocritical cowards and servants of the Neo-Nazi regime of Lukashenko intervened to stop the destruction of my children.

Instead, all of you mentioned above on the list have supported and encouraged this because you want to turn my children into brainless losers in order for them to become “collective farmers” and “fascists” by following a “parasitic ideology,” just like you.

And also, because you do not really care. The Rule of Law, Children’s Rights, and Human Rights do not exist in the agenda of Lukashenko’s Mafia.

In any other law-respecting country, all of you would be ripped off your titles/licenses, booted out of your jobs, and jailed.

After more than four years of intensive litigation in Belarus, going through all the local courts and prosecutors’ levels, I finally reached the Supreme Court, where I believed that justice would hopefully finally be served.

However, I was wrong!

At the very beginning of my ongoing and unfair litigation process in Belarus, I met O.A. Birulia (Бируля Ольга Анатольевна), who immediately showed her chauvinistic and xenophobic approach.

This so-called judge first said that my case needed to be handled urgently because “she did not want to become famous internationally”. That is because O.A. Birulia was already famous internationally (in a horrible way), as she has notoriously been known as the Queen of Unfair Trials & Politically Motivated Persecution.


Political Terror

Birulia O.A. also informed us about her childhood and the memories she had about her father when they picked potatoes together and how “dear these memories were to her”.

Her childhood fairy tales are part of her perverted strategy to fool foreign left-behind parents into believing that the “Rule of Law” exists in Belarus. After she gives you this sugary start, she shows her true sadistic personality and, without blinking an eye, she deprived my daughters of their own memories and their own childhood shared with their father.

She also has no problem advising the Abductor to falsify signatures and to notify me about an upcoming hearing at a restaurant one day before this hearing; all of this is then accepted as a “legal notification”! Or, she ordered a psychological examination of my children (behind my back), who were three and barely six years old at that time.

The examination was conducted several times in her desperation to get some information from my children, which she could use in her motivation to reject my “Hague Claim.” But both of my children disappointed O.A. Birulia; they didn’t express anything bad or negative about their father, the opposite actually, which created frustration for the sadist O.A. Birulia.

Such corrupted methods are accepted in the Belarusian courts without any legal reasoning! Lies and manipulation are the second names of Judge Birulia. Actually, in reality, she is not even a judge. That would be an insult to any decent judge.

The same thing happened in 2020 when I tried to change schools for my older daughter Anthie’. She was nine years old and forced to attend a strict religious Sectarian school under the control of the Clown and Neo-Nazi Andrei Lemeshonok, who runs the St. Elisabeth Monastery business in Minsk under the pretext of running a School. Of course, “In God’s Name” and with the blessing and backup of Lukashenko and his filthy Gang!


The Russian Orthodox Church in Belarus

That is what O.A. Birulya and the rest of the usurpers consider to be in the “Best interests of the Child”. To make my children incompetent losers so they can fit into a failed, rigid, and totalitarian society system with “PRIMITIVE BARBARIANS” like themselves.

Birulya O.A. is the result of the degraded system of Lukashenka, which allows her to make unfair and xenophobic decisions. Lukashenka doesn’t care about it because he doesn’t even know his father. Thus, he does not care about other fathers, and the corrupt judge Birulya is his devoted servant because he pays her decent money for lying and perverting the law.

Perhaps soon, she will rise through the ranks in the administration of Lukashenka, kissing his ass more intensely. Lydia Yermoshina, another mentally disabled madam in the administration of Lukashenka, has shown that she has enough intelligence to leave.

One of the best jokes I heard from this “judge” O.A. Birulia was when she told me that “the Belarusian people were very tolerant”! I wanted to ask her if the Belarusian people had any other choice in the totalitarian and fascist regime that she represents, but my attorney advised me to be silent. I regret this dearly!

However, I realized that my silence would not change anything, so I decided to set up my own website to publish all the details regarding my case. My website became very popular, and besides Europe, America, China, Russia, and Ukraine, it is now followed even in Africa.

It looks like “Judge” Birulia now became famous all over the world! Congratulations, your perverted mind and incompetence have made you famous!

The whole world is now closely watching how the Belarusian people fight your government mafia because they are fed up with this satanic regime and parasites like Birulia.

Belarus’s current judicial and public administration is nothing but an incompetent apparatus recognized by lawlessness, criminal activities, and neglect. Moreover, the majority of the public servants who are part of this system are specially chosen to protect the criminal Lukashenko and his Gang.

The “Terrorist Organization” of Lukashenka turned out to be a bunch of ruthless and incompetent primitives with intellectual disorders and severe “inferiority complexes”.

One of their jobs is also to humiliate and intimidate foreign citizens. When you read through the details on the website AACA ( of how they justify their decisions, you will be pulling your hair in disbelief when realizing how far they can go with their abuse of any common sense or even dignity and self-respect.

These sadists literally find pleasure in making people as miserable and humiliated as possible. That is how they validate their own feeling of importance and power. But, as we know, such behavior typically occurs when it is encouraged from the top. And Lukashenko knows how to pick his psychopaths because he is a psychopath himself.

Since 1994, the criminal Lukashenko has spread this tumor and infected every cell of the Belarusian state administration with incompetent and filthy people without dignity, free spirit, and own will. He did this to be able to control and keep his position as a leader of Belarus. Lukashenko’s cancer has spread from the highest-ranked public servants to the lowest-ranked public servants, from Ministers, Judges, and Executive Committees, down to the directors of Kindergartens and even child Psychologists.

And, his tight net of carefully picked and brainwashed psychopaths now calmly watches how their own co-citizens are killed and detained because of fabricated allegations. Justice, Democracy, Children’s Rights, and Human Rights do not exist in Belarus.


Children in Belarus are only used as a tool to blackmail and suppress people in opposition or to blackmail anyone who dares not to agree with the system. There is no limit to how low these people can fall.

And the tragedy is that these human caricatures truly believe in what they are doing because their brain cells have been damaged by years and years of Lukashenko’s propaganda and because it is convenient and comfortable to adjust to the system rather than oppose it. They will never trade the privileges they got from Lukashenko (to protect him) for Belarus’s hard-working people who must obey and be tolerant in all situations!

These lazy political prostitutes have all one thing in common; they like their privileges, money, comfort, and power. Therefore, they try very hard to keep the old “Era” style alive because they don’t have to do so much, only copy and paste!

We saw many examples of this degenerate rotten system during the recent elections in Belarus in 2020. We have seen how the current authorities treat their own citizens, such as Mr. Tikhanovsky and his wife, Mr. Babarika and his son, and Mr. Tsepkalo and his wife. These are just a few of them.

Delusional Lukashenko, along with his servants, better flee the country the same way as Yanukovych, or you may end up as Nicolae Ceaușescu back in 1989. Perhaps Russia will accept you, but only if it fits them.

In Belarus and Internationally, you will be charged with high treason, and your assets will indeed be frozen. Your children will regret they carry your names because I am sure that you are being cursed by millions of decent people, and do not forget – KARMA is really BITCH.

I believe that you have enough common sense to understand that there will be a trial, and all of you will be prosecuted. That is just a matter of time, and I will personally speak at the trial together with other left-behind parents who have been facing Belarusian Judicial cruelty.

I will not stop my fight against murderers, criminals,
and child thieves until this is achieved.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Νικόλαος ΑΑ Χαιρόπουλος
Father of Anthie and Alexandra
Stockholm, Dec. 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023

For your Reference:

Legal Analysis of The Hague Case Condcted by Attotorney Ms. Martha Poni

Legal Analysis of The Custody Case Conducted by Attorney Ms. Martha Poni


Political Terror

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