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The Face of Fascism and the Russian Church
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The Face of Fascism and the ROC
The Face of Fascism and the ROC

The Perversion of Christianity

The "ROC" in Sweden and Belarus

The Main Actors of the Tragedy

The Russian Orthodox Church in Sweden and Belarus

Dear Audience,

The complete article consists of two parts and describes the involvement of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) in the Abduction of my daughters, Anthie’ and Alexandra.

You are looking at the Interpol photos of my daughters, who were kidnapped from Sweden to Belarus on April 18, 2017. Their Belarusian mother, Liudmila Trafimovich, completed the Abduction with the involvement and participation of her friend Mariya Khatsanovska and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Anthoula and Alexandra Cheropoulou Abducted 2017

Anthoula and Alexandra Cheropoulou Abducted 2017

Since then, I have litigated in Belarus with all legal means for the return of my daughters to their home in Stockholm, where they were born, using and relying upon the principles of The Hague Convention regarding International Child Abduction.

Part 1.

Priest Vitaliy Babushin and
Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Mariya Kaberska

Actors of the Tragedy-Priest Vitaliy Babushin and Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Mariya Kaberska

The first part of the article describes the involvement of “The Russian Orthodox Church in Stockholm-Sweden” and two of the key figures in this tragedy, Priest Vitaliy Babushin & Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Mariya Kaberska.

Part 2.

Businessman Andrei Lemeshonok, the manager
of St. Elisabeth’s Convent in Minsk

Andrei Lemeshonok and the Covid Outbreak at the Monastery Easter 2020

The second part of the article describes the involvement of “The Russian Orthodox Church in Minsk-Belarus” and Priest Andrei Lemeshonok (Андрей Лемешонок), who is managing St. Elisabeth’s Convent in Minsk.

Summary of the entire article about
The Russian Orthodox Church

My two daughters, Anthie’ and Alexandra, were abducted on April 18, 2017, from Sweden to Belarus by their Belarusian mother, Liudmila Trafimovich. In my opinion, Liudmila was guided and encouraged by the Russian Orthodox Church in Sweden to perform this crime.

This heavy influence, brainwashing, and manipulation started in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. After 2014, the Russian Orthodox Church abroad started to heavily promote Russian politics to help cement Russian interests Internationally.

From the very beginning, I knew that somebody had helped my ex-partner, Liudmila Trafimovich, plan and realize the Abduction of our children. This “Somebody” was linked to the Russian Orthodox Church that she was attending at Mariatorget (Stockholm), located at Bellmansgatan 13, Södermalm (“Русская Православная Церковь Московского Патриархата в Швеции”).

After the Abduction, my ex-partner Liudmila Trafimovich hid for 31 days with our children. All the collected information points to the certainty that she was hiding at the Monastery of Saint Elisabeth Convent in Minsk, Belarus under the protection of the Priest Andrei Lemeshonok.

She is also working there now, as I was informed (2019.11.16) by Mr. M.E. Maslov from the “Education Authorities” in Belarus. Mr. Maslov also informed me that my daughter Anthie’ attends the Monastery School Ixhvis, which is managed by the Priest Andrei Lemeshonok inside the St. Elisabeths Convent in Minsk.

It took me almost five months to finally get a confirmation thru the Ministry of Education in Belarus on which school my kids are attending. Because unfortunately, my ex-partner refused to give me this information despite all my attempts.

My younger daughter Alexandra is also attending this Monastery School as well since September 2021. Some photos on the Monastery St. Elisabeth’s Convent Website clearly confirm that.

Too many “coincidences” here, don’t you think?

Therefore, I am convinced that this whole Abduction was planned and orchestrated by the priest Vitaliy Babushin and Mariya Khatsanovska, aka Kaberska, in advance. And, of course, Priest Andrei Lemeshonok, who then just finished up this grand plan by sheltering my ex-partner and my children at the Saint Elisabeth’s Convent in Minsk that he is heading as the Archpriest. In this way, I am entirely cut off from my children, and I have a minimal chance to access them there.

This article aims to ensure that people understand how the Russian Orthodox Church acts and thinks. How it can destroy people’s families, and how it can also steal children to place them in their Monasteries. That is the easiest way to produce a new generation of “Hitlerjugend”, loyal and dedicated supporters of the “Dictator Putin and Lukashenko”, and maintain the ruthless and primitive “Parasitic Ideology” of “The Russian World”.

After all, it is only about business for Andrei Lemeshonok and the “Russian Orthodox Church”, which is closely connected to the “Pseudo Tzar” Putin.


Guardian: 2022.03.05 Vladimir Putin; a miracle defender of Christianity or the most evil man?

RFERL: 2021.04.15 ‘Criminal In A Cassock’; Russian Clergy Quarrel Over Navalny After A Priest Speaks Out In His Support

Aljazeera: 2017.10.17 Putin and the “triumph of Christianity” in Russia (!?)

And now, of course, no “Devil” culture from the West can “harm” my ex-partner or my children. Because these people, unfortunately, honestly believe that they actually did something outstanding.

In their blind fanatism, sick pride, and egoism nurtured by hatred towards anything different from their beliefs, they do not realize that they are acting against precisely what the Bible is saying.

I would also like to note that I started a legal process in both Sweden and Belarus immediately after the Abduction to return my daughter’s home. The Hague Application was submitted on April 26, 2017, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sweden and had a legal value from that date!

Although I was awarded sole custody of my children, Belarus has not returned them to their home in Sweden from where they were Abducted. They ignore and do not respect The Hague Convention regarding Child Abduction, which they have undersigned and are therefore obliged to respect. The mother of my children, Liudmila Trafimovich, is hiding from me, does not respond to my messages, does not give me any information about my daughters’ health, and does everything possible to interfere with my paternal and custodial rights.

In Addition, from early April 2020, the Corona Virus outbreak and pandemic started becoming increasingly evident globally and in Belarus. But, unfortunately, Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok showed criminal irresponsibility and indifference and completely neglected the existence of the risks related to the deadly Corona Virus! As we all know, Andrei Lemeshonok has the managerial responsibility for the Monastery St. Elisabeth’s Convent, which he runs as his business.

The businessman Andrei Lemeshonok pretended that everything was normal, although there was already a Virus infection at the Monastery, which continued to spread. Nobody knows what the Monastery and Andrei Lemeshonok personally hoped for since a virus cannot be fooled and bribed. Later, the media started to publish facts about what was happening at the Monastery. The State Authorities of Belarus ordered the closedown of the Monastery for a couple of weeks!

Andrei Lemeshonok repents

According to information from April 2020 on the Internet, people associated with the Monastery are already sick:

# Priest Artemy Tonoyan is on sick leave because he has flu and sinusitis

# Priest Alexander Pashkovsky has pneumonia, but the disease proceeds without complications, and therefore he undergoes treatment

# Fathers Sergiy Nezhbort and Sergiy Faley have an initial stage of the disease, so the etiology has not yet been determined

# Archpriest Vasily Lesko, 92 years old, is indeed in intensive care with a diagnosis of pneumonia. He is not a monastery cleric and did not participate in fasting and Easter services at the Monastery

# Two nuns of the Monastery (out of 130) have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. These are nun Alexia (Yudina Elena Vladimirovna) and nun Paraskeva (Gornostaeva Svetlana Vasilievna), who are hospitalized!

# Nun Maria (Litvinova Lidia Ivanovna), who lived with the sick nun Paraskeva, was hospitalized on April 22, 2020, awaiting test results

# Nun Anfisa (Adamovich Natalya Evgenievna) was ill with a high fever, underwent examination, and is currently in her cell. Her condition is stable, and she is waiting for the test results

# Novice Zinaida (Dubanevich Zinaida Iosifovna) was ill with a high fever, underwent examinations, and was not hospitalized


NashaNiva: April 23, 2020 Do not believe fake news about mass infection with coronavirus at St Elisabeth Monastery!

Obitel 2020.04.22: Andrei Lemeshonok – Do not believe Fake News about mass infection with coronavirus in our Monastery

The next day, April 24, 2020, another article was published. This time, some desperate nuns called the editor of the “Russian Reporter Marina  Akhmedova”. They told her that the management of the Monastery was lying and that 100 of the 130 nuns had coronavirus:


Facebook: 2020.04.23 The Coronavirus Pandemic at St Elisabeth Monastery in Minsk-Russian Reporter Marina Akhmedova

NashaNiva: April 24, 2020 St. Elisabeth Monastery – Signals about the Coronavirus Pandemic and Andrei Lemeshonok, who created this empire

Based on the information that I have available, my younger daughter Alexandra was admitted (early in May 2020) to a hospital somewhere in Minsk. Still, her mother refused to give me any specific information about her diagnosis or health status. The last time I spoke to my children’s mother in May 2020, she only told me that Alexandra had an infection, but both have been coughing a lot. Thus, it didn’t stop there.

After about three weeks, I discovered that my elder daughter Anthie was also sick. Both Alexandra and Anthie’ were infected with Covid-19 by their mother at the Monastery she visits and works. That is confirmed information, and I was also told by a reliable source that my children’s health status is under observation!

Of course, nobody ever bothered to inform me about this fact. I only learned about this because, after many attempts, I finally reached my oldest daughter Anthie’ (early in May 2020), who picked up the phone at Ms. Trafimovich’s apartment. Anthie’ was staying there with her aunt, who was watching her. Her aunt not only had been watching her, but she was also standing by Anthie’, dictating what to answer when I was asking questions. With my poor knowledge of Russian and some words’ Anthie’ still remembered in Greek, I realized something was very wrong!

With the assistance and support of my Attorney, Mr. A.K., we immediately started to appeal to the Belarusian Public Authorities to have some answers regarding my children’s “Health Status”. And also, who was taking care of them? That was another Golgotha that I could write a book about, and most likely, it would become a Bestseller! Finally, after five months, we received extracts of my children’s health records. It was not funny to read, and I understood why Liudmila Trafimovich was reluctant to tell me anything about our children.

I could easily write a book about how the Belarusian courts ignore any principles of the Hague Convention and International Law. How their corrupt legal and political system vandalizes, perverts, and denies any justice to the foreign left-behind parents.

Vox Populi – Vox Dei

Based on my personal experience and also based on the information publicly available about this Monastery, Andrei Lemeshonok (Андрей Лемешонок), his son Dmitriy Lemeshonok and nun Tavifa makes me absolutely convinced that my children (and, maybe not only mine) are being held captive’s at this Extremist, Ultra-Nationalistic, fascistic shady mercantile nest that is officially run as a “Monastery with a School”.

My children are gravely Exploited
without protesting and reacting because of their age.

I do not want my children to become what Andrei Lemeshonok’s son has become. Therefore, I strongly protest my children’s current psychological and emotional abuse that they have to endure at this Convent.

Dmitriy Lemeshonok (ДмитрийЛемешенок) - Andrei Lemeshonok's son

Andrei Lemeshonok’s son – Dmitri Lemeshonok

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, April 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023