Dmitri Lemeshonok (ДмитрийЛемешенок), the son of Andrei Lemeshonok
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BY 2017.09.12 Who is Dmitry Lemeshonok? A man in a “DNR” T-shirt, close to the Nunnery in Novinki

Кто он, Дмитрий Лемешенок? Человек в майке «ДНР», близкий к женскому монастырю в Новинках

Dmitri Lemeshonok Son of Andrei Lemeshonok and Neo Nazi Supporter

Dmitry Lemeshonok – Andrei Lemeshonok’s son

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The St. Elisabeth Convent, which is located on the outskirts of Minsk in Novinki, attracted attention with a speech by the “lieutenant colonel of the Russian GRU” Anton Manshin. The meeting was attended by about a hundred people, including nuns.

“Soon our Motherland, which is called Holy Russia – without division into White, Small, and Great – will face a serious test of the war. Our men here will find this information especially useful. Because I am sure that they will take part in it, ”Manshin said under the admiring glances of the nuns.

Later, the editor of the website of the St. Elisabeth Convent, monk John, said that Manshin’s invitation was their mistake, although he does not know where he came from.

It should be noted that Manshin is by no means the only dubious character who hangs around the Holy Elisabeth Convent.

Many photographs from the Novinki courtyard show 40-year-old Dmitry Lemeshonok. A bald, bearded man, often dressed in a football shirt from the “Donetsk People’s Republic” or Minsk “Dynamo”.

Dmitry Lemeshonok is the son of Andrei Lemeshonok

Dmitry Lemeshonok promoting Donbas

Dmitry Lemeshonok is the son of Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok, who is the confessor of St. Elisabeth Convent. The son is a very frequent visitor to the monastery.

Dmitry Lemeshonok and Andrei Lemeshonok

Dmitry Lemeshonok and Andrei Lemeshonok

Dimitry often appears in the monastery courtyard, in the church itself, taking pictures with the nuns. Moreover, Lemeshonok Jr. does not hide his political views. Most often, he is wearing T-shirts with the coat of arms of the DPR and the inscription “Belaya Rus”, or a sports trowel with the inscription “Russia”.

Dmitry Lemeshonok and the Russian World

Dmitry Lemeshonok and the Russian World

Lemeshonok’s pages on social networks are full of reprints about the fight against “punishers” in Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as images of Orthodox saints and elders. Lemeshonok has a special reverence for the Serbian Orthodox Church and makes pilgrimages to those places.

Dmitry Lemeshonok was one of the founders of the current fan movement of the Minsk Dynamo. At the time, he held radical neo-Nazi views. Even now, on his page in Odnoklassniki, you can find echoes of those beliefs.

Dmitriy Lemeshonok (ДмитрийЛемешенок) - Andrei Lemeshonok's son

Today Lemeshenok is practically persona non grata for Dynam fans. 
He has nothing to do with the Dynamo fan movement.

After a while, Lemeshonok became an “Orthodox activist”, while retaining his absolutely pro-Russian convictions. Lemeshenok was one of those who beat up the Young Front member Nikolai Demidenko during a meeting with the Russian Black Hundred writer Nikolai Starikov at the House of Moscow in Minsk.

Dmitry Lemeshonok with Nun's at St. Elisabeth Convent

Dmitry Lemeshonok likes to be Photographed with the Nun’s from the Monastery

Dmitry Lemeshonok with his Cossack friends

Often Dmitri Lemeshenok appears in photographs during Cossack gatherings,
which include the so-called “ataman” Pyotr Shapko.

Dmitry Lemeshonok and Company

Now Dmitry Lemeshonok, accompanied by his father and the nuns of the Elisabeth Convent,
makes pilgrimages to Russia and Serbia.

For the sake of justice, we note that Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok himself was on vacation in Montenegro during a scandalous meeting with Anton Manshin organized in the monastery (!?).

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Stockholm, Sept. 2017
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