NGO 2021.12.07 Sanctions against Belarus and the Respect of Them

Letter to Mr. David Maria Sassoli Ex President of the EU Parliament

SUBJECT: Sanctions against Belarus and the Respect for Them Dear Mr. David Maria Sassoli, President of the European Parliament Dear Ms. Viola von Cramon -Taubadel, European Parliament Dear Ms. Nicola Beer, European Parliament Dear Ms. Anaïs Marin, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Belarus Dear Ms. Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, […]

IT 2021.11.19 Open Appeal to the Fair in Florence (Fiera Piazza Santa Croce) and Milan (ARTIGIANO IN FIERA) in Italy

Fair in Florence Milan Nov.-Dec. 2021

Открытое обращение к властям Италии с просьбой рассмотреть и изучить участие Свято-Елисаветинского монастыря и Андрея Лемешонок, который поддерживает безжалостное российское вторжение в Украину. Open Appeal to the Authorities in Italy with a request to consider and examine the participation of St. Elisabeth’s Convent and Andrei Lemeshonok, who supports the Ruthless Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Dear […]

SW 2021.04.27 Swedish authority in billion deal with Lukashenko.

Swedish authority in billion deal with Lukashenko 2021.04.27

The famous Swedish Double Standards Cold Facts reveals the Swedish Export Credit Agency’s deal with the Dictator. The Famous Double Standards of Sweden Cold Facts (Kalla Fakta) now reveal how the Swedish Export Credit Agency, EKN, guaranteed close to 2 billion in a deal that benefits dictator Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus – while the dictator […]

SW 2021.04.18 Sweden Family Law & Child Rights – Theory & The Dark Reality

The State Administration of Belarus

SwedenFamily Law & Child RightsTheory & Reality A report prepared by: Nicolaos A.A. Cheropoulos, a Left-Behind parentStockholm Mars 2021 (published 2021.04.18) Content: Family Law -Family life Children in Sweden start off living with their mother and father, who may or may not be married, and tend to have one or two children on average. But separation […]

BY 2020.11.04 Answer to the Ministry of Education on the Rejection of my Appeal received 2020.10.22 from Deputy A.V. Kaldubay.

KADLUBAY Aleksandr Vladimirovich (КАДЛУБАЙ Александр Владимирович)

Replied to the Ministry of Education regarding the Rejection of my Complaint/Appeal by Deputy A.V. Kaldubay, submitted on 2020.10.22. KARPENKO I.V. (Карпенко И.В.) Ex-Minister of EducationEx-Minister of Education of Belarus. Now Head of the Election Commission KADLUBAI A.V. (А.В.Кадлубай) Deputy Minister of EducationDeputy Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus Thank you for the repeated information […]

BY 2020.10.27 Ministry of Education ANSWER on 3rd APPEAL dated 2020.10.22

KARPENKO Igor Vasilievich, КАРПЕНКО Игорь Васильевич

Igor Vasilievich Karpenko (КАРПЕНКО Игорь Васильевич) Ex-Minister of Education Answer to Submitted Complaint 2020.01.10 to the Ministry of Education,Received from Deputy Minister Kadlubai A.V. 27.10.2020 KADLUBAY Aleksandr Vladimirovich (Кадлубай Александр Владимирович)Deputy Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus Tel: +375 (17) 327-47-36E-mail: Another pitiful answer was received, this time from A.V. Kadlubai, Deputy […]

BY 2020.10.01 Ministry of Education Belarus – 3rd Appeal/Complaint sent by Post & Email to the Ministry of Education Signed 30.09.2020 

KARPENKO Igor Vasilievich, КАРПЕНКО Игорь Васильевич

COMPLAINT sent by Post & Email to the Ministry of Education Signed 30.09.2020 regarding the Received answer about ICHVIS School from A.A. Mayevskaya, Deputy Head of Education Administration, Minsk City Executive Committee KARPENKO I.V. Minister of EducationКАРПЕНКО Игорь Васильевич Tel: +375 (17) 327-47-36E-mail: Lukashenka appoints a top communist as the new Minister of Education Source: […]