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SW 2019.03.19 “Building of Russian orthodox church in Sweden presents a potential security threat”

“Строительство русской православной церкви в Швеции представляет потенциальную угрозу безопасности”

The Russian Church A Security Risk to Sweden

Here, some 300 meters from Västerås airport, is the church being built. Bild: Tony Persson

The building of the Russian Orthodox Church in Sweden presents
a potential security threat

Tonight VLT can publish the story behind the first construction of a Russian Orthodox church belonging to the Moscow patriarchy in Sweden. A construction several security experts call a potential Russian security threat against Sweden. VLT can reveal money laundering in the company where the priest was CEO, connections to organized crime, and politicians with dual conflicting interests.

Last week, the Swedish Security Police (SÄPO) pointed out Russia as the biggest threat to Swedish national security. While this is being spoken from SÄPO, the construction of a Russian Orthodox church is in full swing at Hässlö in Västerås. The building is located a couple of hundred meters from Västerås airport, an object of strategic importance for Swedish total defense and the ability to receive and provide support to host nations in a time of crisis.

The construction of the church also fits SÄPO’s description presented in the Yearbook last week: “Russia establishes footholds and platforms in Sweden, both physical footholds on the ground and ideological or social footholds.”

Säpo also notes that “religious tools ”are used to influence Sweden.


EN https://www.vlt.se/artikel/building-of-russian-orthodox-church-in-sweden-presents-a-potential-security-threat#mer-i-story
RU https://actionagainstchildabduction.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/VLT-2019.03.19-RU-Russian-orthodox-church-in-Sweden-presents-a-potential-security-threat.pdf

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