Nemesis and the Rule of Law in Belarus
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BY 2017.10.30 Attorney Ms. Liudmila Asiyevskaya & Lawyer Ilya Latyshev – Minsk
Attornyes at Law

Attornyes at Law in GR-SW-BY

In early November 2017, I started to work with attorney Ms. Asiyevskaya and lawyer Mr. Latyshev, who was helping Ms. Asiyevskaya and myself to communicate as Ms. Asiyevskaya did not speak English at all. Mr. Latyshev did not have the right to represent me in court, so he worked as a coordinator between me and my attorneys in Sweden and Greece.

Ms. Asiyevskaya refused to understand the situation despite seeing that I was trying very hard to push the Legal Body to process the payments ASAP. I was trying to explain to her that I had no mandate for the execution of payments to her. I also gave her contact information to the Legal Aid Body in Sweden so she could submit a complaint and present her issues to them, directly.

And so, attorney Ms. Asiyevskaya started threatening me and blackmailing me, saying that she would not represent me in planned proceedings, constantly sending me messages: Payment! Payment!

Later she was trying to excuse herself, saying it was a “mistake,” although I never believed her. If your lawyer does something like this, either, to put it mildly, he/she is incompetent, or he/she is trying to severely damage your case (while breaching his/her duty as your legal representative).  “Thanks” to her actions, I was forced to make a 2-day urgent trip to Minsk to quickly change Law Office.

Regarding Mr. Ilya Latyshev, I have a good impression and have nothing to add except that the theory is completely different from reality and far away from TGF every Friday! I hope we can agree on that.

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