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AA 2022.04.18 Open Letter to Anthie & Alexandra – Today, you were Kidnapped five years ago

Сегодня исполнилось ровно пять лет, как твоя мама Людмила Трафимович похитила тебя из твоего дома в Стокгольме при помощи и участии Марии Хацановской fka Каберска.

Open Letter to Anthie & Alexandra

When the Abduction is a Fact

Alienation will soon be rubricated as a severe Crime

My dearest Anthie’ and Alexandra,

Today was exactly five years ago; your mama, Liudmila Trafimovich, Kidnapped you from your home in Stockholm with the help and participation of Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska.

I remember that day 18th of April 2017, as if it was yesterday. It was precisely after the Easter Celebrations that Dad would start work again. Daddy woke up early that morning, before all of you, and prepared breakfast so we would have plenty of time and not be stressed.

After breakfast, we left and took a bus near our home to the Metro Station Hornstull, where me and mama split. Your mom, Liudmila, was dressed in black that morning and was in a hurry not to come too late to “work”, as she told Daddy, who continues with you to the Kindergarten Melissaki. Both of you were very happy to be back at Kindergarten Melissaki and ran into the arms of pedagogue Katerina, who hugged and kissed you both. After Katerina took care of you, Daddy left for work. And here is the moment where Daddy’s nightmare starts!

Your mama was not in a hurry to get to work on time. Later the same day, Daddy was informed that Mama was free from work that day.

Instead, she was in a hurry to get back to our home again, which we left 30 minutes earlier, to get your passports, documents, and her icons, of course. Thus, she strangely left her laptop behind with some modifications, but the hard drive was intact with no damage.

After your mama Liudmila finished at our home and cleaned up any traces that could connect the involvement of Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska in the Kidnapping, she left in a hurry to pick you up from the Kindergarten Melissaki.

And here is the point where your mama and Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska start a flood of rivers with lies to cover up your Kidnapping.

At Kindergarten, Melissaki, when she picked up you and Alexandra at lunch, she told the pedagogue Katerina that she had a planned visit to the doctor with Alexandra.

Instead, your mama Liudmila was in a hurry to meet with Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska at the station of the Airport buses to Arlanda Airport.

Mariya Khatsanovska, when interrogated by the police, said that she bought the tickets for your mama and you the same day through the internet. Unfortunately for Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska, that is impossible because the system doesn’t allow the same-day purchase of flight tickets through the web.

Later on, when I started my litigation process in the courtrooms of Belarus, your mama Liudmila said that I knew that she would travel to Belarus on the 18th of April 2017.


-then why did Mama Liudmila lie to me that she was in a hurry to get to work?
-why did Mama Liudmila lie to Katerina at Melissaki that she had a planned visit to the doctor with Alexandra?
-why did Mama Liudmila not inform Daddy that she took free from work that day?
-why did Mama Liudmila not ask Daddy to buy the tickets for her and you?
-why did Mama Liudmila not ask Daddy to follow her to the Airport so he could take home Alexandra’s stroller, which she left behind?

The material Daddy is studying describes and clearly proves that the Kidnapping of you, Anthie’ and Alexandra was planned in secret and well ahead of time with the preparation of necessary documentation from Belarus and correspondence with people involved in the Kidnapping of you.

Therefore, when Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska says to the police that she didn’t know about the travel intentions of your mama Liudmila on the 18th of April 2017, she is lying.

I could continue to write and describe more of the filthy and pitiful lies your Mama has been telling in the courtrooms of Belarus and Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska to the police. Thus, Daddy thinks it is enough for you to have a clear picture of what has really happened.

As I understand, the PRIMITIVES and RUTHLESS people belonging to the “Russian World” and the “Russian Church” don’t have any problems with lying and destroying children.

A bright and sad example of their methods can now be seen in Ukraine, where innocent people and children are killed every day, and the Russian aggressor rapes women.

The Godmother of Alexandra, Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska, has three children and lives her comfortable life in London, far away from the war zone accusing the West of the misery created by her idol “Putin”, which she supports with blind fanatism.

Recently, we also read the following shocking on the media about what the “Russian World” and the “Russian Church” really represent;

Article by: Victor Davidoff

“Russia’s aggressive policy is based on the Kremlin nationalist ideology that follows the basic principles expressed by Hitler in Mein Kampf and has recently been manifested in nothing else but a call for genocide of Ukrainians. The Russian nation is officially proclaimed superior to all other nations and Ukrainians above all. Russia has the right to eliminate members of “inferior” nations, and the war with Ukraine is only the beginning of Russia’s crusade against the “rotten West.” These are the main ideas expressed in the article “What should we do with Ukraine?” in Russia’s state RIA newspaper and, more recently, by Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s former president and deputy of Vladimir Putin in the National Security Council”.

“Medvedev makes it clear the call for genocide against Ukraine came from the Kremlin”.

Daddy would not be happy if Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska were expelled from England because she has three children to feed. But if this happens, the only country she will be able to go to and hide in will be Russia, where she will be near her idol “Putin” and live all the beauty and greatness of Russia and the “Russian World”.

Unfortunately, the PRIMITIVES belonging to and supporting the “Russian World” honestly believe that they are superior to all other nations like “HITLER” did, and they don’t understand that; actually, this is the “ACHILLES HILL” of the “Russian World”.

Daddy Love You endlessly, Anthoula and Alexandra, and Daddy will win because he is driven by “PATHOS FOR JUSTICE & DEMOCRACY”. A clear sky is never afraid of thunder!

Daddy Loves you Anthoula and

Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Stockholm 2022.04.18
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Reviewed Oct. 2023