Celebrating Anthoulas fourth Birthday at the Royal Palace in Stockholm
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LT 2021.01.01 Received the following answer on my Christmas & New Year Greetings to my daughters Anthie’ & Alexandra from Ms. Trafimovich

Received a short Viber message before lunch in the Russian language with 3 photos of Anthie’ & Alexandra from Liudmila Trafimovich on the Greetings I sent to my Children and her for Christmas and the New Year on the 31st of December 2020.

Received the following Viber message from Ms. Trafimovich in the Russian language 2021.01.01

Translation of the message into English:

Thanks, Nicolas!
We wish you a Happy New Year too!

The girls are doing well.
They are healthy. Resting on vacation.

Ніколаос АА Черопулос
Батько Антули та Олександри
Stockholm, Jan 2021
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