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SW 2022.04.01 The Participants in the Abduction of my Daughters.

The Abduction of Anthie and Alexandra, Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska, and the “Russian Orthodox Church’s” Involvement.

The traumatic abduction of my children, Anthie’ and Alexandra, on April 18, 2017, is deeply intertwined with the actions of Mariya Khatsanovska (Мария Хацановская), previously known as Mariya Kaberska (Мария Каберская). As the godmother of my daughter Alexandra and a known ultranationalist and staunch supporter of Vladimir Putin, Mariya played a significant role in orchestrating this abduction.

Mariya Khatsanovska-Мария Хацановская

The Abduction of My Children and Mariya Khatsanovska (Мария Хацановская)
fka Mariya Kaberska’s (Мария Каберская) Involvement.

Key Actors and their Involvement

Mariya Khatsanovska (fka Mariya Kaberska)

Mariya Khatsanovska’s involvement in my children’s abduction goes beyond mere participation. Evidence suggests that she was instrumental in the planning and execution of this devastating event. Despite her current life in London, where she works for a food delivery company (Deliveroo), her actions continue to resonate with the pain and suffering my children and I endure.

While Mariya Khatsanovska expresses her deep concern for her children’s educational progress and development on the internet, my daughters are forced to attend a strict religious church school where they are heavily manipulated and brainwashed by “Con Artist Andrei Lemeshonok” and his nuns.

Mariya Khatsanovska also changed her surname from Kaberska to Khatsanovska shortly before she “Abandoned” Sweden.

Other Key Participants

Priest Vitaly Babushin (Stockholm-Sweden)


Another critical figure in this crime is Priest Vitaly Babushin, a fervent advocate of the “Russian World” ideology and Putin’s leadership. His close relationship with Mariya Khatsanovska during her time in Sweden is well-documented. Together, they propagated an ultranationalist agenda, contributing to the severe manipulation and indoctrination of my children.

Priest Vitaliy Babushin Russian Orthodox Church Stockholm

Priest Vitaly Babushin (Stockholm-Sweden)

Vitaly Babushin’s opinion about Sweden

Priest Babushin’s kids attend the Russian school at the Russian Embassy in Stockholm. In contrast, my kids are subject to heavy brainwashing and manipulation, unable to defend themselves at a Monastery in Minsk. Moreover, their children live with both of their parents, while my children have been cut off from me, living about 1000 km away in the middle of a war zone and isolated from me by their mentally fragile and fanatic mother.

Andrei Lemeshonok (St. Elisabeth Convent, Minsk-Belarus)


My daughters, unable to protest because of their age, are slowly destroyed and indoctrinated so that they will become loyal supporters of the medieval and primitive ideology of the ruthless “Russian World”, which Mariya Khatsanovska fiercely promotes and supports!

Andrei Lemeshonok St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk

Andrei Lemeshonok St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk-Belarus

Today, my kids are abducted and stuck at a Monastery in Minsk. However, interestingly, neither priest Vitaliy Babushin nor Mariya Khatsanovska moved back to “Great Russia” or Belarus to enjoy their lives there. On the contrary, and, for some reason, they continue living their comfortable lives with their children in the wild, wild West, the same West they hate.

The Abduction and Its Aftermath

From the first day, I knew somebody had helped my ex-partner, Liudmila Trafimovich, plan and execute the Abduction of my children. That “somebody” was linked to the church that she was attending, the ”Russian Orthodox Church” at Mariatorget in Stockholm (“Русская Православная Церковь Московского Патриархата в Швеции”).

On the day of the abduction, Mariya Khatsanovska was directly involved in logistics, including the procurement of tickets online for my ex-partner and my children. Despite claiming that these tickets were bought on the same day, evidence suggests this was technically impossible, pointing to a well-planned operation. This crucial detail was initially ignored by the Swedish authorities.

When I reported the Abduction of my children to the Police in Sweden on April 19, 2017, I informed them from the beginning that I was sure of Mariya Khatsanovska (Мария Хацановская) fka Keberska and priest Vitaliy Babushin’s involvement in “The Abduction” of my children.

The interrogation materials clearly describe that Mariya Khatsanovska allegedly bought the tickets for my ex and my children when they met at the Arlanda bus station around lunch before the abductor boarded the bus to “Arlanda Airport” on April 18, 2017.

According to Mariya Khatsanovska, she bought the tickets the same day via the Internet before lunch, something that was technically impossible because the system, for security reasons, does not process same-day purchases. I pointed out to the police several times that Mariya Khatsanovska was not telling the truth and that the Abduction of my children had been planned well ahead of time and in detail. Unfortunately, the Swedish police ignored me, and Mariya Khatsanovska, realizing the possible legal consequences of her actions, did not tell the police the truth and abandoned Sweden early in 2019.

Since leaving Sweden in 2019, Mariya has distanced herself from her past actions, relocating to London and continuing her life unscathed by the legal repercussions she deserves. Meanwhile, my daughters are subjected to extreme ideological conditioning at the St. Elisabeth Convent in Minsk, Belarus. This institution, led by Andrei Lemeshonok, imposes a strict, religious upbringing aimed at molding them into supporters of the medieval “Russian World” ideology.

A Flawed Justice System

The years passed by, but I continued to fight and push forward to convince the legal authorities in Sweden that Mariya Khatsanovska was not telling the truth when she was interrogated. Finally, and after some years, my arguments were heard by a police interrogator who knew and supported my thesis that it was impossible to make the same-day purchase of flight tickets. The interrogating police also informed me that my case “ACT”, was opened for the first time on April 12, 2021! That information shocked me when I realized the indifference, reluctance, and lack of engagement the prosecutor S.M. and the police authorities of Sweden have shown since the crime was committed in April 2017 to try to solve it.

Finally, on September 1, 2021, I was informed by police inspector U.J. that prosecutor S.M. titled crime against Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska reads, “Suspected of Gross Participation in Empowerment with Children”, a severe crime!

On the other hand, what to expect from the Swedish Legal Authorities and Police, who have not been able to solve the assassination of the internationally well-known politician Olaf Palme, who was killed in central Stockholm in 1986. And, from to time, we still can read about the incompetence and the reluctance of the “Swedish Public Authorities” in the media. So, nothing in Sweden surprises me anymore! Paper pushers are the word that best summarizes the “Public Administration” of Sweden.

Current Situation and Ongoing Struggle

Today, my daughters remain isolated from me, forced to live in a monastery under harsh conditions. In stark contrast, Mariya Khatsanovska and her associates, who played pivotal roles in this abduction, enjoy their lives in Western countries, far removed from the ideologies they promote. The hypocrisy of their actions is glaring, as they continue to benefit from the freedoms of the West while subjecting my children to a life of manipulation and isolation.

The accomplice to the Abduction of my children, Mariya Khatsanovska, “left” Sweden in January 2019 and is currently sitting in London (England) laughing at Sweden’s impotence to act, with a prosecutor now considering that the case has become complicated! She also changed her surname from Kaberska to Khatsanovska shortly before leaving Sweden.

On the other hand, what to expect from the Swedish Legal Authorities and Police, who have not been able to solve the assassination of the internationally well-known politician Olaf Palme, who was killed in central Stockholm in 1986. From time to time, we can still read about the incompetence and reluctance of the “Swedish Public Authorities” in the media. So, nothing in Sweden surprises me anymore! Paper pushers are the word that best summarizes the “Public Administration” of Sweden.


My battle for justice and the safe return of my children continues. I will not rest until those responsible, including Mariya Khatsanovska, are held accountable for their actions in a court of law. This fight is not just for Anthie and Alexandra but for the countless others who suffer under similar circumstances.

My children deserve to be reunited with their father and freed from the oppressive influences that have engulfed their lives.

From 2017 to the present day, I have never imagined that I would meet so many amateurs in all these years. They are unwilling to do their work professionally so that you, at least, will feel that they have tried to solve the case or to protect and defend you.

Has prosecutor S.M., together with the police, ever tried to prove the crime classified against Mariya Khatsanovska fka Kaberska? The answer is NO! Thus, it could easily be proven that Mariya Khatsanovska was not telling the truth when interrogated!

I will not stop my battle before I meet the fascist Mariya Khatsanovska, who destroyed my children’s lives because of her Fanaticism and Ultra-Nationalistic beliefs, in a courtroom before a Judge.

Anthie and Alexandra have been forced to become orphans; thus, their Father is still alive.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, April 1, 2022
Reviewed Jun. 2024