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SW 2020.06.16 Documentary about the Abduction of my Daughters – Published by SR (Swedish Radio)

Early in June, a documentary was broadcast with the engagement of SR (Sveriges Radio) about the Abduction of my daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra on the 18th of April 2017.

The Abduction of Anthie' and Alexandra 2020.06.16

Thus, one of the “Protagonists”, Priest Vitaliy Babushin from the Russian Orthodox Church in Stockholm, was not available for an interview despite all the attempts to reach him by SR (Swedish Radio) reporter.

The “Podcast” version of the documentary will be translated in text form into English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, and Greek, so you can read and follow it while listening to the original version in Swedish.

On a weekday in April 2017, Nicolaos comes home to the apartment as usual. But in the children’s room, it is silent – the daughters have been Abducted abroad. The years pass, and he seems to be losing the battle for his children.

For Nicolas, the day in April 2017 was the start of a struggle to try to get his children home from Belarus with the help of lawyers and Swedish authorities.

Nicolaos does not intend to quit. He intends to continue fighting, he says.

But he soon discovers that Swedish authorities cannot do much and that Belarusian authorities view what has happened completely differently.

The mother has priority. It is not possible to see it in any other way, says Attorney Linda R., who has represented Nicolaos.



Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Stockholm, June 2020
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Reviewed Oct. 2023