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BY 2017.09.11 “The men present here will take part in the war for Holy Russia.”

Andrei Lemeshonok and the CORONA PANDEMIC April 2020

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St. Elisabeth Convent is a grandiose Orthodox center on the outskirts of Minsk. Over the years, the monastery has grown to eight churches, numerous workshops, hotels, and film studios.

“Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian GRU Anton Manshin” – this is how the speaker introduced himself, starting a story about his military experience. He said that he had gone through two wars in Chechnya, taken part in the events in the Donbas, and appeared in Syria.

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Anton Manshin

The spetsnaz’s speech was a set of military tales that had nothing to do with reality, intertwined with the propaganda of the “Russian world.” But those present Manshin, it was evident from everything, liked it. They grabbed their heads from time to time, listening to his stories. Although the event was not widely advertised, about a hundred people gathered in the hall, including nuns, as well as parents with children.

“The Warrior of Christ” promises to tell about “the miracles of God in the war.” Manshin has several signature stories that he regularly tells from meeting to meeting. It is noteworthy that there is a separate forum on the Internet, whose members expose the lie of the lieutenant colonel. Some of the plots he borrowed from the memories of the “Afghans”. But the events were transferred to Chechnya, and Manshin himself became a participant.

Lieutenant colonel of the Russian Military Intelligence Directorate Anton Manshin

The first of the stories is the drama of the mechanics of an infantry fighting vehicle. He always had a cross in his pocket on his heart. And when the sniper of the “spirits” (as Manshin calls the Chechens) accurately shot at him, the copper cross deflected the bullet. Manshin does not hide the fact that judging by the technical characteristics, the bullet should have pierced the mechanic’s body through and through, even despite the cross. But for that, they say, and the “miracle of God.”

For two days, they did not eat anything, but somehow they found bread and were already preparing for dinner. Suddenly, a 12-year-old Chechen boy approached them and held out his hand, and they said he was also hungry. The Russian military, of course, could not refuse the child and broke off a piece of bread for him. And then, the Chechen teenager took out a grenade and threw it into the hatch of an infantry fighting vehicle. The grenade instantly detonated – and the car exploded. The military died on the spot. The boy started to run, but the Russian sniper did not shoot after him – this was a child. “These are the qualities that are in each of us: mercy and love for the enemy,” sums up Manshin.

The cult story from Manshin is about the five-year stay in Chechen captivity of the Russian special forces soldier Alexander Vorontsov. For two years, he was not fed with anything, but thanks to his strong spirit, he managed to survive. Every Easter, the Arab mercenaries took him out for execution, but the bullets did not hit Alexander Vorontsov. Why did this happen? Because he had an Orthodox cross around his neck. Why wasn’t it removed? But they couldn’t. Everyone who tried to rip off the cross allegedly rested against the wall. And so for several years in a row. Naturally, there is not a single confirmation of this story, but it is actively walking on the Internet with a link to Manshin.

Especially for the visitors of the St. Elisabeth Convent, “the warrior of Christ Anthony” told the continuation of the plot but asked not to pass on secret information to anyone. During his stay in captivity, Alexander Vorontsov witnessed the execution of 15 Russian special forces who came to carry out a special operation to curb drug trafficking but were captured. And they were handed over to the Chechens by their own FSB officers. At present, special services from all over the country are looking for Vorontsov, but with the assistance of Manshin, he managed to get a passport under a new name and, together with his Chechen wife, went to a monastery.

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All these tales aroused the sincere admiration of the nuns. Some of them could not hold back their tears. Manshin addressed the audience only as “my angels”. However, the number of diminutive-affectionate suffixes in his speech went off the scale. “Our Lizavetushka Fyodorovna,” he says of the saint after whom the monastery is named.

We will not retell in detail the feat of the hero of Russia, Artur Harutyunyan, who sacrificed his life to save his comrade in arms since such a “hero of Russia” simply does not exist. Only two people are known under this name – the film actor and the goalkeeper of the Armenian football team.

Manshin did not mention the Russian-Ukrainian war in detail, but he shared the story of his appearance in Minsk.

Allegedly, during the war in Syria, a group of Russian special forces led by Manshin was surrounded by ISIS. It smelled like kerosene. Then the Russians went on a psychological attack. They began to shout, “Christ is risen – indeed, he is risen.” And suddenly a woman in white clothes allegedly descended from the sky and created a corridor along which the commandos managed to get out of the gorge. The ISIS officers continued to shoot at the Russians, but the bullets, of course, could not penetrate the imaginary corridor. After the woman looked around for a second, Manshin recognized her as Elizaveta Fedorovna, the wife of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, who was killed by the Bolsheviks and is considered an Orthodox saint.

Источник: The Economist Jan 5th, 2015

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