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MFA 2019.12.01 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden – Excerpts from 1st Appeal
The Sleeping Kingdom of Sweden

The Sleeping Kingdom of Sweden

First Appeal to MFA of Sweden December 1st, 2019

Ann Linde- Ex-minister MFA of Sweden defends officials wearing headscarves in Iran



Ms. Ann Linde
Minister of Foreign Affairs, MFA SWEDEN

I continued reaching out for help, and in December 2019, I sent an Appeal to Ms. Ann Linde, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sweden, hoping that my children, who are Swedish citizens, should, therefore, be protected.

This was what I was expecting, reading how other countries act to protect their citizens in similar situations. 

I was completely wrong! Unfortunately, Sweden did not show any proper interest in my case, and I, as a citizen of Sweden, did not feel supported or helped by the Swedish authorities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ignored my Appeal, and they gave me a very poor answer in the name of “Neutrality” without reacting to the fact that two Swedish citizens (my daughters) had been abducted from Sweden and that they had been technically missing 2017-04-18.

Anthoula and Alexandra Cheropoulou Abducted 2017
Anthoula and Alexandra Cheropoulou Abducted 2017


But NO! Instead, the Swedish Government was more concerned with achieving their business plans with the Dictator of Belarus, neglecting their citizens, my two daughters, of course, in the name of “Neutrality”!

Complete Appeal:
“State Bodies Sweden”

Nicolaos A.A. Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Reviewed Oct. 2023