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LT 2022.03.10 Open Letter to Liudmila Trafimovich, the mother of my daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra

Открытое письмо Людмиле Трафимович, матери моих дочерей Муравьевой и Александры. Отправлено ей по Viber и опубликовано на AACA.com и FB

Children are always paying the highest price

Open Letter to Liudmila Trafimovich (Людмила Трафимович), the mother of my daughters Anthie’ and Alexandra. Sent to her via Viber & published on AACA.com & FB.

Please, pay attention to this letter Liudmila,

I have been reaching out to you earlier, offering you financial support. Now I am reaching out to you again and offering you unconditional support related to the negative development of conditions in Minsk-Belarus.

The situation is escalating day by day because of Belarus’s involvement in the war against Ukraine.

Responsibility finds a way Irresponsibility makes Excuses

The situation looks horrible and critical in the food shops and Belarus’s Bank sector. There might be another situation that will be even more critical and dangerous, radioactive particles from Chornobyl if Russia and Ukraine cannot reach an agreement in a few days.

I beg you to think of our children and what is best for them. Thousands of questions are spinning in my head, but I will only ask you if you have enough money to buy decent food and supplies for our children. Is there anything else I can do to make the situation a little easier for all of you? Please let me know!

I have been calling you for several weeks, but nobody has picked up your home phone. I have also tried to call you on your mobile phone, but as usual, you don’t answer when you recognize my Swedish number. So, please, can you let your pride and hate towards me beside you and think only of our children this time, I beg you.

You see, I never hated you, only felt very sad and sorry that you let yourself be manipulated and brainwashed with the corrupt ideology of the “Russian World”. A doctrine that is now proven to be based on lies and nothing else! The ruthless people, who were manipulating you and other people, preaching about “Patriotism” and filthy lies to all of you, live securely with their families and children. They are far away from danger and hostilities, opposite to you and our children, Liudmila!



Therefore, please reconsider the situation and let me help you and our children. Let us together do the best for our children so they will stay healthy, have enough food, and be safe. Please answer me this time, I beg you.

If you change your mind and want to come back with our children, you and our children can have my flat in Stockholm. I will move out and find somewhere else to stay. If you would like to move to Hellas, then consider the proposals of the Lawyer, Ms. Martha Poni, to be in force and choose what satisfies your interests in the best way.

Let’s try to finish this insanity, Liudmila. Unfortunately, only our children suffer and pay the highest price. I am the only one who can help you and our children and will help you even if you dislike the idea.

As you may have noticed, money cannot be transferred to Belarus through WU, WR, or any other service providers because of the imposed sanctions. If you know a way to send money to Belarus, please let me know ASAP.

I prefer to die than give up on our Children, and you should know me better by now, Liudmila.

Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Stockholm 2022.03.10
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Reviewed Oct. 2023