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LT 2021.06.12 Ms. Trafimovich admits Anthie’ to a youth military campus under the supervision of the Neo-Nazi Andrei Lemeshonok.

Ms. Trafimovich chooses to send Anthie’ to a youth military campus under the supervision of St. Elisabeth’s Convent and the Neo-Nazi Andrei Lemeshonok.

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

On the 6th of June 2021, I had another Viber meeting with my Kids at 17:10 Swedish time, which ended up in sadness and tears for Anthie’, Alexandra, and myself.

I was eager to talk with my Kids and prepared some questions in Russian with Google Translate so I would be able to somehow communicate with them.

I asked Anthie’ if she liked the Laptop I had sent to her, and she answered yes. So we started to discuss (and attempted to overcome the language barrier), and asked her if she liked the study material I had sent her about Math in the English language. She smiled and replied yes, but she didn’t want to start studying today. So I answered that I didn’t want to study either today, but we must take this seriously next time we will have a video call.

Ms. Trafimovich “translated with perversion” what I said to Anthie’ who suddenly started to cry! I tried to comfort Anthie’ and asked Ms. Trafimovich why Anthie’ began to cry. What did she tell Anthie’? Ms. Trafimovich answered me that this is because I said, ” Anthie, we should start studying today!! I clearly didn’t say this to my child, which is proven in our communication recordings that day.

I asked Ms. Trafimovich if she has been reading the instructions, I have sent them together with the Laptop to know where to find the educational material, children’s programs in the Greek language, documentaries about Greece, and of course, documentaries about Mount Athos to satisfy her previous request. Ms. Trafimovich answered that she didn’t find any instructions!? I found this very strange because it was impossible to miss it when she opened the parcel as it was on top. But, in the end, she found it!

I tried to guide her on how to connect to Google Meet, but it was difficult. I promised to send her instructions so we would not spend time on this because I wanted to communicate with my children, who were already tired after a long day.

My children were exhausted, and I asked them what they had done that day. Alexandra answered that they were at the Dacha (Summer House) and described in a funny way what they did.

Suddenly Anthie’ made a question in the Russian language, which Ms. Trafimovich translated. Anthie’ asked me if I would pay for the summer camp; she intends to go to and learn to ride! I asked her mother who is arranging this and under whose supervision, but didn’t receive an answer!!

I asked my dear Anthie’ if she was tired, and she said yes. Therefore, I told her that we would end our meeting soon so she and Alexandra could go and rest. Simultaneously Alexandra started to show that she was tired and started to tease Anthie’. It ended in a minor conflict. Ms. Trafimovich started her authoritarian speech, accusing Anthie’ who began to cry, and Alexandra got sad. I asked Ms. Trafimovich if she needed to talk like this to our Kids. Suddenly, Ms. Trafimovich told me that I was the reason Anthie started to cry because I asked her to study today!! I tried to explain to her that I actually said the opposite to Anthie’ and that she translated it from Swedish to Russian!

The rest is not worth mentioning. Today, our video call ended up with Anthie’ crying again, Alexandra sad, and me trying to keep back the tears from my eyes. I know that Anthie’ has been damaged, traumatized, and become a submissive little girl who is afraid of her mother. Ms. Trafimovich continues to be an authoritarian monster, the same monster she was back in Sweden! Thus, in Sweden, I was near my children to protect them and heal them. Now, I feel so helpless, and my soul is in great pain.

I don’t want to see my Kids sad; it makes me miserable, and perhaps it will be better if I stop talking with my Kids!? Maybe Ms. Trafimovich will feel better that she is in control because it feels like she is afraid that she will lose control over our Kids!?

Later on, on the 6th of June, I sent the following message to Ms. Trafimovich, which she never replied to the raised issues:

“Liudmila, I consider it to be difficult, if not impossible, to communicate with my children in a normal way with you translating what I want to say to them. Therefore, do you mind if a third party participates and correctly translates what I am saying to my children? Secondly, can you please change your authoritarian attitude towards Anthoula and Alexandra? Please stop interrupting when we try to talk to each other.

Secondly, when will you help me find a teacher in the Greek language to overcome the language barrier created over four years? I hope you have enough sense to realize what problems and frustrations it has created for our children who cannot talk freely with their father.

And finally, our meetings should be a moment of joy once per week and nothing else! Therefore, if you are tired in the afternoon, perhaps it will be a better idea to change the time to in the morning before you start all the activities with our children!? I also would like to have a scheme of our children’s activities and what school Alexandra will attend!” Unfortunately, I never received an answer to my questions from Ms. Trafimovich.

After a couple of days, I wrote a new letter that I sent by e-mail and Viber. I offered Ms. Trafimovich to go on vacation for three weeks at some holiday resort in Belarus, with all my expenses. Unfortunately, Ms. Trafimovich cannot travel outside Belarus because Interpol wants her.

On the 12th of June 2021, she finally replied to my offer and said that she had already made plans for the summer holidays with our Kids. The weird in the situation is that on the 6th of June, she made Anthie’ ask me to pay for the summer camp she wanted to attend for the whole summer. A summer camp, which only Anthie’ would attend because Alexandra is too young regarding Ms. Trafimovich!

It is really amazing to listen to Ms. Trafimovich’s explanations and excuses. First, she is asking me to financially help her so Anthie’ will attend this summer camp. When I offer her three weeks of vacation together with our children and with all expenses covered by me, she rejects the offer!?

The summer camp my daughter Anthie’ is forced to attend by her mother is a “Youth Military Summer Campus” (ORTHODOX CHILDREN’S AND YOUTH MOVEMENT “EAGLE”) under the managerial responsibility of the Fascist and Neo-Nazi Andrei Lemeshonok from St. Elisabeth Convent!



“With the blessing of our confessor, Archpriest Andrei (Lemeshonka), the project “Eagles” at the St. Elisabeth Convent (Minsk, Republic of Belarus) will become a church, Christ-centered movement focused on children and youth (8-17 years old), a movement towards life in Christ, which will open up opportunities for serving God and people, for guiding and gaining this experience in the open air, with an emphasis on Christian values and military education with the participation of the family in this movement”.

Military excercises at School ICHVIS Monastery School

SCHOOL IXHVIS at St Elisabeth’s Monastery 

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

SCHOOL IXHVIS at St Elisabeth’s Monastery 


As you can see, the Neo-Nazi Andrei Lemeshonok is preparing child warriors the same way the Taliban are preparing their child warriors to give their lives, if necessary, for their leader. In the perverted mind of the Clown Andrei Lemeshonok, the leader to protect is Putin and not Lukashenko, who does not understand that Lemeshonok is actually preparing his graveyard on the soil of Belarus.

Can the intentions of the Businessman and Charlatan Andrei Lemeshonok be more obvious!?

2021.06.10 Answer to a question from the monastery’s confessor Andrei Lemeshonok

I think there is a constant war going on. The enemy wants to destroy everything now. When will this happen? When people refuse Christ. When love dries up, then the world will end, and the meaning of life will disappear.

What is the modern world doing? Destroying the family from childhood, he takes people away from reality: everyone is on their phones, on the Internet. People cease to understand the purpose of man. “The Creator is not needed; the Savior is not needed. We are our own masters. We make life and build it for ourselves”- this is what the godless life leads to. There is no man and woman. There it is. If Christ says: there is neither male nor female (Gal. 3:28) because, in the Spirit of love, people are one, then here it is already different: the Creator did not create man and woman, but we want to choose who we are – man or woman … Look at the destruction of all traditional human values, the personality is being devastated!

Of course, suppose you and I live in a Christian way. In that case, the Holy Spirit will be with us, we will pray for people in the church, and they will come to church, confess, receive communion, and build the church as one Body of Christ, then life will be prolonged. In this temporary world, you will not find shelter from the enemy, from sin. Therefore, a Christian must remember that the fate of the whole world depends on his life. Thus spoke the Monk Silouan, the Athonite. When I came to faith, this thought shook me. Here is my little prayer, which I read in my apartment, and the fate of the whole world depends on it. This is the case.


After 14:00 on the 13th of June, I received a short message from Ms. Trafimovich on Viber, telling me that the meeting with my children today at 18:00 (2021.06.13) was canceled. Ms. Trafimovich proves once again that she is the same punitive and acts of revenge as the crazy Lukashenko she is supporting! 

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ & Alexandra
Stockholm, June 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023