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LT 2021.01.23 Another year has passed without me being able to spend any meaningful time with my abducted daughters.
Another Year has Passed

Dear Readers,

Another year has passed without me being able to spend any meaningful time with my abducted daughters. Those who follow my story already know that my 3+ years of a legal battle in the lawless Republic of Belarus ended with the Belarusian courts granting all the benefits and rights to the Abductor and zero rights to the left-behind father – to me. This double standard has been recognized by many specialists in law both in Belarus and abroad. However, until the country gets rid of Lukashenko and his gang, nothing will change.

Since I really wanted to enter the new year of 2021, leaving all of this behind, in December 2020, my attorney Ms. Martha Poni, and I decided to reach out to the Abductor with one last attempt to achieve some compromise. We gave Ms. Trafimovich three different scenarios, all of them favorable to her and our children. These scenarios also included financial support from my side. Unfortunately, Ms. Trafimovich once again avoided answering any of these proposals, and instead of any clear feedback, she rather took an offensive and arrogant position, accusing me of absurd things and using arguments that do not have anything to do with reality or logic. Yet again, she has proven that she was not interested at all in my free and normal communication with our daughters, not even through the phone. And, she again did not reply to my repeated ask to allow our daughters to take Greek and Swedish language classes.

To remind everyone, for several years now, I have been proposing to the Abductor to cover all the expenses for the private language lessons for our children – and even that is constantly being denied and ignored. We all know why – since I do not speak Russian and our kids do not speak Swedish and Greek, we won’t be able to talk to each other, which is the true and ultimate goal of the Abductor, silently supported by the Belarusian corrupt judicial system. Also, children tell the truth, which is what the Abductor fears the most, so she shut down any communication channels with my daughters and wants to control every single word they say. Again, this is in line with the general reality in Belarus, where KGB-like control is present at every step you make: to control, harass, blackmail, and punish.

And it starts with children

Liudmila Trafimovich is not able to explain to anyone why I cannot make any calls to our children without her constant control and censorship, so she just uses a generic and pitiful “argument” saying that she is “guided by her parental caution and the concern of our children” (!?) Mind you, this is what the Abductor is saying, a person who has hurt our children the most. As usual, she just completely reverses the logic: she does not recognize at all what she did, and on top of that, she has the nerve to actually try to make me look like a fool saying that I am the one who may, in some way hurt our children. Her arrogance has no limits, indeed.

Ms. Trafimovich has selective memory and obviously “forgot” about the heartbreaking scenes during some of our very few meetings (at the Hotel Yubileiny, Hotel Belarus, or in the restaurant Il Patio) when, because of Liudmila’s harsh reactions and anger outbursts our daughter Alexandra cried on the stairs at the restaurant while Liudmila was yelling at her – just because Alexandra wanted to follow me to the restaurant to get a banana because she was hungry! Or when Anthie’ was crying and screaming that she wanted to see her Daddy again while Liudmila and her associate were dragging my child out from the foyer of the hotel into a car with brutal force so I would not have a chance to comfort her! Not to mention that Alexandra was using obscene words in the Russian language.

Where did she learn these words? Liudmila Trafimovich has had complete control of Alexandra and Anthie’ for almost 4 years. I don’t speak Russian, but I know these bad words as Liudmila has been yelling at me also, back in Sweden, so I learned them the hard way!

Nevertheless, in her mind and according to her sick logic, she accuses me to have used bad words and giving strong alcohol to my children (!!!). There is an expression: “Attack is the best form of defense”, and this is exactly what this Abductor is following. Despite her criminal actions and behavior, she presents herself as an innocent, naïve victim who “does not understand” what the left-behind parent even wants from her. She is also shocked that I was fighting for our children – not sure what she was expecting – that she just abducts the kids, and I just say: “Nah, that’s OK, just have them!”?!

I am actually shocked that Abductor and her brainwashed attorneys “cannot understand” that I have a legitimate right to continue the battle for my children, which is also incorporated in all the relevant international accords and the Hague Convention. But, this is understandable because Belarusian courts routinely roll over any (Belarusian or foreign) fathers who keep losing custody of their children because of this “genius” rotten judicial system they have there. In Ms. Trafimovich’s mind, our children are a commodity that belongs to her only and to the Belarusian state, and the only “right” I have, is to pay! Interesting!

This way, Ms. Trafimovich, and the Belarusian courts have degraded me to a simple sperm donor who not only has been robbed of his own sperm and children but, to add insult to injury, now should also make payments to the Abductor while getting absolutely nothing in return. The only detail the Abductor forgot about is that only Sweden has the legitimate right to decide about alimony and not Belarus. Therefore, I again advise Abductor Trafimovich to please apply for alimony in Sweden.

It now became very clear that for the Belarusian State and for some of the Belarusian women, abduction of kids is a favorite and popular way to get $$$$ from abroad. This is their business plan and, basically, a sophisticated form of human trafficking encouraged and supported at their State level.

In that case, though, the Belarusian State should stop pretending that these official legal processes or their courts even mean anything at all. Just call it as it is: “Kids for Money”. This is a win-win situation for the Belarusian State and for some of their lawyers who are making big money on the “Golgotha” you are going through, even though they know that you will never have a chance to find any justice in Belarus. But, of course, they won’t tell you this at the beginning of your hell because they need your money. Nobody will tell you that you should not even bother and that you will never be able to achieve any normal contact with your children anyway. This is not just my experience – other foreign parents say the same thing.

However, life is very unpredictable, and we never know what surprises are hidden for tomorrow. Even hidden dirty secrets are uncovered in the end.

In addition to all of the above, I am also very sad that my daughters are still forced to attend the Monastery “School”, where they are being brainwashed and indoctrinated by the ultranationalist hawker Andrei Lemeshonok who supports the “Russian World” and the fascistic regime of Lukashenko. But, interestingly, some lawyers’ and judges’ kids often study or live abroad, am I right, lawyers Zdhanovich, Bagnich, or also you, “judge” Birulia? Your kids are not stuck in an extremist hell at all.

Meanwhile, both of our daughters have been accepted to study at prestigious schools in Stockholm, where there was a waiting list to get. I submitted their applications right when they were born, hoping they get there one day, and The Day has come: about two years ago, Anthie was admitted to the International School of Stockholm, and recently I received a letter confirming that Alexandra has been admitted to the French School of Stockholm.  How should I comment on this? Unfortunately, instead of having the possibility to enjoy a great education in these schools, they are forced to live in a bullshit world of the con artist Lemeshonok and their delusional mother, who decided to destroy their future.

Liudmila Trafimovich abducted and isolated our children from the outside world in her fear of losing control and making sure that they would become mental slaves like herself, hiding behind the dogma of Christianity and of the “Russian World”.

As such, she has turned into a Collective Farmer, the same Collective Farmer whom she used to criticize not even a long time ago when living in Sweden.

Nicolaos A.A. Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Stockholm, January 2021
Reviewed Oct. 2023