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LT 2020.07.02 VIBER Messages from Ms. Trafimovich Regarding Language Studies for our Children

On the 2nd of July, I received a message through Viber from Ms. Trafimovich that she agreed to let our children learn and maintain the Greek language (but not Swedish). I was very happy and replied to her at once!

Anthie and Alexandra in Thessalonica July 2016

Alexandra and Anthoula in Hellas Summer 2016

Dear Liudmila, thank you for your kindness to let our children study the Greek Language. Thus I already proposed to you many times to let our children learn and maintain the Greek and Swedish language. The last time was in the Summer of 2019, when I also provided you with detailed contact information for both Greek and Swedish language teachers who were willing to teach our children at your home. Of course, I will pay for the language classes, and I will send you the contact information for those teachers again by Email. The teachers have been informed about this issue for a long time ago. So, I will get in contact with those institutions again and update them that you would like our children to study the Greek and Swedish language. I will arrange their payments for the language lessons through my channels. Thank you for your generosity, and I hope you are all well with your health.

I honestly believed that she was serious this time and sent her all the contact information regarding the language centers and the teachers to help her so she would not lose time. I received the following answer in the Russian language from Ms. Trafimovich (thus, she can write in Swedish;

“Ты похоже опять не можешь или не хочешь правильно прочитать информацию, которую я тебе написала.

Пишу еще раз.

Ты сам связался с греческим консульством в Минске. Сотрудники консульства очень любезно предоставили данные практикующего учителя греческого языка для детей (носителя языка!). Или ты что-то имеешь против греческого консульства?” (Google translation follows)

“It seems you again cannot or do not want to read the information that I wrote to you correctly.

I am writing again.

You, yourself, contacted the Greek Consulate in Minsk. The consulate staff very kindly provided data from a practicing Greek teacher for children (native speaker!). Or do you have something against the Greek consulate?”

I asked Ms. Trafimimovich to give me the teacher’s name and received a Viber message the next day that his name was “Nikos”!

After some research, I found the name Nikos (with his family name) on the website “Soeasy” in Minsk, which I already had sent to Ms. Trafimovich on the 2nd of July! My lawyer from Greece also confirmed the info from Greece because she received it a year ago from the Honorary Consulate of Greece in Minsk!

The exchange of messages continues until the 4th of July, and it becomes more and more Absurd!

I very soon concluded that Ms. Trafimovich’s problem was another and that she didn’t have serious intentions to let our children learn, at least, the Greek language so I could communicate with them! I replied to her the following;

“It seems that we don’t speak the same language, or there is a much bigger problem. You send me the name Nikos without telling me anything more! You are living in Minsk, and you didn’t bother to find out who he is, and still, you are accusing me!! You had over one year at your disposal! Get serious because I start to doubt your intentions”!

For the record, Ms. Trafimovich has been denying me access to my children for 3 years now! My children don’t speak Swedish or the Greek language anymore, and this was made on purpose to cut me off completely from them! But she expects me to pay without having anything to say, without any participation in the lives of my children!! How more ABSURD can it be?

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Jul 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023