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LT 2020.05.04 Contact with the mother of my Children

I attempted to get in contact with Trafimovich after yesterday’s info I got from my contacts communication with Ms. Trafimovich in the Russian language.

Liudmila Trafimovich Minsk June 2019

Liudmila Trafimovich, Minsk 2019

Ms. Trafimovich doesn’t pick up when I call on her cellphone. All my attempts are registered.

Managed to get through to her home phone at 16:53, her sister Svetlana picked up the phone, but I was not able to talk with my daughter Anthie’. Svetlana only speaks Russian.

Called back again at 16:54 and asked to talk with Anthie’. Anthie’ was angry with me and did not want to talk with me in the beginning. After a while, she took the phone, and I got a pleasant surprise. Anthie’ talked to me in Greek better than the last time we tried to talk with each other (2019.06.09). Perhaps somebody at the monastery talks Greek!

Anthie’ told me that Alexandra was taken to the Clinic! She could not say so much more because her language was not enough. Simultaneously, Trafimovich sister was standing over her head and telling Anthie, what to tell me! In the end, Anthie’ was irritated and told her to buzz off!!

We ended our conversation after a while because it was impossible to continue because of the interference from the sister of Ms. Trafimovich!

I called back again at 19:10 to her home phone, and Trafimovich returned back with Alexandra from the Clinic. It is not well with Alexandra, who was coughing in the background, and regarding Trafimovich, it is not serious! On the question about what kind of infection it may be, she avoided giving a clear answer (nobody knows).

I also asked Trafimovich that I would like to talk with my kids through Viber, but she answered that this depends on me (!!). I asked her what she meant by that it depends on me (??). She answered me that I knew (!!). I didn’t want to extend the conversation so it would not end up in a conflict, and told her that I would call back. She answered that it was better that she would call back. This has never happened before, by the way! The conversation ended there because she did not have time to talk with me because she had to take care of Alexandra.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023