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INT 2021.03.05 Inside Tehran’s Sex Trade, A Business Hiding In Plain Sight

In Iran’s conservative Islamic society, prostitution is illegal, immoral, and rarely discussed. But in an investigative documentary by RFE/RL’s Radio Farda, sex workers in Tehran describe a routine business where clients are easily found, and family members turn a blind eye.

Inside Tehran’s Sex Trade, A Business Hiding In Plain Sight. They also speak of the crushing economic pressures that have driven them into dangerous work.


Editor’s note: Belarus has unfortunately been in this situation for many years already

Did you know that Belarus is the sex tourism capital of Europe? Or that you could get prison time for sending nudes there? Tune into today’s episode, where I sit down with women’s sexual health app developer Yana Belenkaya and psychologist and sexologist Zoya Pryshyvalka to find out more about these topics as well as to hear a very interesting conversation about the culture of love and sex in Belarus. Only on Sex and Love with Dr. Emily Jamea.

How sexual slavery flourishes in Belarus at all levels