MAKAREVICH Svetlana Yurievna (Макаревич Светлана Юрьевна)
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GR 2020.08.16 Attorney Ms. Martha Ponis reply to Chairman Makarevich Svetlana Yuryevna.

The Complete reply to Chairman Ms. Makarevich’s letter received 12.08.2020 by Attorney Ms. Martha Poni with CC to International Organizations and Belarusian State Bodies.

MAKAREVICH Svetlana Yurievna (Макаревич Светлана Юрьевна)

Judge Svetlana Yurievna Makarevich – Chairman
of the Oktyabrsky District Court in Minsk, Belarus

Honorable Mrs. Chairman,

Following my letter of 28-7-2020, I received your answer on 12-08-2020 via email.

With your answer above, you informed me that there are no documents in the case file that confirm I represent Mr. Cheropoulos, and therefore you can not give me information about the case. You also inform me that if I disagree with your answer, I have the right to appeal to a higher court.

My letter of 28-07-2020 contains my legal opinion on the decision issued by the Belarusian Judicial Authorities in the trial opened by Trafimovich Lyudmila Arkadyevna against Nicolaos Cheropoulos concerning the determination of the residence of their minor children and the determination of alimony. I did not ask for any information from you, and of course, I do not intend to go to a higher court in Belarus in order to appeal against your answer.

So forgive me, but your answer from 12-8-2020 is irrelevant, as I do not wish you to provide me with information, and I have never asked you to do so. I just expressed my legal point of view, which you can either take into account or not, simply and humanely.

Yours sincerely
Martha Poni


Chairman Makarevich Svetlana Yuryevna replied on 17.08.2020 to Attorney Ms. Martha Poni that:

The Oktyabrsky District Court of Minsk informs that your application, which was sent to the court’s e-mail address on August 17, 2020, was attached to the materials of the check on appeal 85-M / 1.

The answer attached hereto:

2020.08.17 RU ANSWER from Chairman Makarevich S.Y. on Martha P. response to the Irrelevant first letter received 2020.08.12

2020.08.17 EN ANSWER from Chairman Makarevich S.Y. on Martha P. response to the Irrelevant first letter received 2020.08.12

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Aug 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023