Nemesis and the Rule of Law in Belarus
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GR 2017.04.19 Attorney Ms. Martha Poni Thessalonica – Hellas
Attornyes at Law

Attornyes at Law in GR-SW-BY

Ms. Poni is a very experienced lawyer with strong ethics. She is also extremely detail-oriented. If unsure, she always researches the topic and always finds an answer. She analyzes your case, runs it through various scenarios, and then tunes it before submitting it to the court. Her argumentation is also clear and well-motivated, which gives the reader no chance for any misinterpretation.

Ms. Poni also has a lot of contacts abroad, including some of the Eastern European countries, which were very helpful during my litigation process in Belarus.

Keep in mind that she is a very busy lawyer, and she may thus need to put you on hold if other clients call her – however, she always follows up on your case very closely, and she does a great job.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Apr 2017
Reviewed Oct. 2023