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GR 2014.09.26 Epicurus – PHILOSOPHY English


This Greek philosopher, one of our favorites, spent his life arriving at fascinating answers to the largest puzzle there is: What makes people happy?

FURTHER READING “The Ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus was born in 341 BC on the island of Samos, a few miles off the coast of modern Turkey. He had an unusually long beard, wrote over three hundred books, and was one of the most famous philosophers of his age. What made him famous was his skillful and relentless focus on one particular subject: happiness. Previously, philosophers had wanted to know how to be good; Epicurus insisted he wanted to focus on how to be happy…”

What is Epicureanism, and is it compatible with Stoicism?

Are they compatible, and what can each learn from the other? Epicureanism began around the same time as Stoicism but is frequently dismissed by prominent Stoics such as Epictetus. This video examines the differences between theory and practice. (Correction: At 3:30, I said the Stoics were opposed to divination. This is not correct. They did, in fact, incorporate it into their metaphysics)

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