Military excercises at School ICHVIS Monastery School
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Все родители хотят вырастить своих сыновей сильными, ответственными и решительными. Мы хотим видеть наших мальчишек достойными личностями, чтобы в будущем каждый из них стал защитником Отечества, главой семьи, хорошим мужем, отцом, братом. Для этого уже сейчас нужно взращивать мужские черты характера, давать верные ориентиры, самим быть достойными примерами своим детям.

The Face of Neo Nazi and Fascism

All parents want to raise their sons strong, responsible, and determined. We want to see our boys as worthy personalities so that in the future, each of them will become the defender of the Fatherland, the head of the family, a good husband, father, and brother.

Dmitriy Lemeshonok (ДмитрийЛемешенок) - Andrei Lemeshonok's son

Dmitri Lemeshonok (ДмитрийЛемешенок), Son of Andrei Lemeshonok and Neo Nazi Supporter

To do this, already now, it is necessary to cultivate male character traits, give the right guidelines, to be worthy examples to our children.

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The holiday on February 23 at the Ikhvis school turned out to be special. To congratulate the children, the school teachers held an exciting military-patriotic game “Defenders of the Fatherland”, where the boys took part in simulated hostilities. Dividing into teams, pupils of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades set up the camp, set up and assembled a camping tent, and threw grenades. The guys even shot at a target! The control competition was passing the obstacle course.

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– I wanted to tell the schoolchildren about the holiday so that they find out what our defenders are doing after all, – during the break between the competitions, the physical education teacher Nikita Olegovich Nedogreeenko shares with us. “I think the guys have learned a lot today. The girls also actively participated: they bandaged the wounded, made a fire, and actively supported their classmates.

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Very soon, a green spring will come, and then a blooming summer. Dear dads, be sure to take your children on a real hike! I am sure that after such competitions they themselves will teach you a lot. I saw with my own eyes how the first-graders set up a tent and crawled on their bellies! 

And I also saw the joy on the faces of the guys, their solidarity, real team fighting spirit, and the happiness of being young, albeit such courageous and noble defenders of the Fatherland!

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

SCHOOL IXHVIS-The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation Oct. 2022

SCHOOL IXHVIS at St Elisabeth’s Monastery 

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The Children also learned how to throw Hand Grenades………(!?)

Maria Kotova 02/23/2017

Obitel –

Dmitri Lemeshonok (ДмитрийЛемешенок), the son of Andrei Lemeshonok

Dmitri Lemeshonok – Andrei Lemeshonok’s son

Νικόλαος ΑΑ Χαιρόπουλος
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
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