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AA 2021.04.06 I have found excellent material in Math for Anthie’ and Alexandra in the English language.

Math and English studies for Anthie’ and Alexandra

Anthoula and Alexandra having fun at home in Stockholm

Hi Liudmila,

I have found excellent material in mathematics for Anthoula and Alexandra. It is in English, which gives the advantage that we learn English at the same time. The material is for grades 1-6, which is the same as in Belarus, unlike Sweden, which has grades 1-9.

I really hope you give us this chance because I am convinced that I can raise the level of Anthoula’s math skills, I know her capacity, and she is worth it! For Alexandra, this is not a problem because she starts now.

I only need 25 minutes for each one, so about 60 minutes in total once per week (I would be happy if this can be extended to 2 times in the future). I do not want our children to sit for more than 25 min. in front of a computer screen. I have ruined my eyes after a year of distance learning (6 hours a day); it is no fun.

Maths Curriculum for Anthie Alexandra grade 1-6

To the practical things now:

  1. Anthoula is finishing grade 2 now and will start grade 3 in September. I would like to do a short test with her to see her math skills level and how she is doing so that I can plan her studies again. As I said, for Alexandra, this is not relevant because we will start from the beginning.
  2. Costs for the Internet.
    I am willing to pay the additional cost of 1-2 hours of connection with your computer so as not to burden you. You only send a copy of your phone/internet bill, and I transfer the money plus the tax you have to pay.
  3. I believe it is difficult to carry out teaching via Viber or another mobile application. Therefore I am willing to buy a Tablet or iPod so that we can connect via Meet, e.g. (Meet is a Google application that I have been using for more than a year now). Of course, you will also attend the teaching sessions so that you can help if needed.
  4. Please get in contact with the teachers who teach Greek and plan when the children will start learning the Greek language. Anthie’ expressed clearly at our video conference that she wants to learn Greek and English. I can handle English studies in connection with math studies.

I beg you not to wait to contact the Greek language teachers even if our children do not start immediately. Also, inform me how you feel about the suggestions I made to you. Let our children feel that they have the best parents in the world, even though we live in different countries.

Kind Regards,

Νικόλαος ΑΑ Χαιρόπουλος
Πατέρας της Ανθής και της Αλεξάνδρας
Stockholm, April 2021
Αναθεωρημένο, Οκτ. 2023