BY 2023.01.07 Lukashenka praised St. Elisabeth Monastery for helping Russian soldiers.

Lemeshonok and Lukashenko-The Face of Neo Nazi and Fascism

Лукашенко похвалил Свято-Елисаветинский монастырь за помощь российским солдатам 2023.01.07 Alexander Lukashenko with Andrei Lemeshonok at St. Elisabeth Convent Visiting St. Elisabeth Monastery on January 7, Alexander Lukashenko supported the initiative of Orthodox priests to raise funds for the Russian army, which is waging an aggressive war against Ukraine.  Earlier, the media reported that in the […]

BY 2020.10.26 Harry Pogonyailo. JUSTICE. The payback for cruelty and torture is inevitable.

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Lawyer, former judge, advocate, now chairman of the legal commission of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, authorized by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, People’s Ombudsman for Human Rights of the Republic of Belarus. Harry Pogonyailo Generals of power structures, senior officers and their subordinates, prosecutors, investigators, and judges today revel in their impunity, but at the same time, […]

BY 2020.10.15 The authorities hit the lawyers, but aim at their clients.

Injustice Belarus

Pressure on lawyers and deprivation of their license is, first of all, an attempt to leave their clients without legal assistance. Alexander Pylchenko To Whom It Happened Qualification Commission on Advocacy Issues under the Ministry of Justice On October 15, accepted the recommendation to suspend the license of lawyer Alexander Pylchenko. Pylchenko received a notification about the consideration of […]

BY 2020.08.01 What did the Wagner group actually do in Belarus?

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What is the Wagner Group, and who is Yevgeny Prigozhin? What to know about the Russian private military company. The National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus, known as Belteleradiocompany or simply Belteleradio, is the state television and radio broadcasting service in Belarus. 9 facts. What did the Wagner group actually do in Belarus? Fact 1. According to media reports, a group of up […]

BY 2019.12.24 Deutsche Welle Journalist Shares New Information About Former SWAT

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Deutsche Welle Journalist Shares New Information About Former SWAT Fighter Garavsky and His Confessions. All information has been verified. Dr. Christian Trippe, who headed the Deutsche Welle team of journalists working on the film “Minsk Murders”, talked to the portal Christian Frederik Trippe is a television journalist. He works for Deutsche Welle, lives in Berlin, […]

BY 2019.12.18 EUROPE Belarus Death Squad?

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Belarus Death Squad? Chilling Claims A Shock But No Surprise, While Some See Kremlin Hand Yury Harauski claims to have been part of a secretive Belarusian Interior Ministry force that, in 1999, kidnapped and killed opposition leader Viktar Hanchar (left), businessman Anatol Krasouski (center), and former Interior Minister Yury Zakharanka (right). Shock, awe, and disbelief. […]

BY 2019.12.16 DW: How death squads targeted opposition politicians in Belarus

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Twenty years ago, some leading Belarusian opposition politicians disappeared without a trace. In an exclusive interview with DW, a key witness tells how he assisted a special unit in committing abduction and murder. In early September of this year, a man named Yuri Garavski contacted DW’s Russian Service. The 41-year-old is living as an asylum-seeker […]

BY 2019.12.16 BELARUS Key witness in the murder of Lukashenko’s critics?

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A key witness in the murder of Lukashenka’s critics? DW interviews the alleged death squad member. Deutsche Welle has made public the interview with a Belarusian-born man who claims his being related to the kidnapping and assassination of Belarusian opposition politicians in 1999. The 41-year-old is living as an asylum-seeker in one of the European countries. The interviewee calling himself Yuri Garavski, says he was with the Belarusian SOBR (Special […]