Lemeshonok and Lukashenko - Abduction and Captivity of European Children
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BY 2024.02.20 The Activities of the Sect Leader Andrei Lemeshonok covered by the Trademark St. Elisabeth Convent
Lemeshonok and Lukashenko - Abduction and Captivity of European Children

Lemeshonok and Lukashenko – Abduction and Captivity of European Children

Andrei Lemeshonok,

I want to be honest with you right from the start. I have no sympathy or respect for you and your Harem of Nuns. I have been following the activities of St. Elisabeth Monastery closely for many years, where you and your entourage destroy, suppress, oppress, brainwash, and emotionally abuse children. It is impossible to respect a Monastery that supports and encourages abuse of children and Child abduction.

It is very challenging for me, if not impossible, to respect individuals without self-respect and dignity. It is difficult, if not impossible, to respect a self-proclaimed priest without any theological education or any education at all! It is impossible to respect an individual who is using Christianity and the Church as a pretext and tool to run a Business and profit from it by deceiving ignorant people in need and young children under the trademark St. Elisabeth Convent! It’s impossible to respect you and your Nuns who promote Fascism and the Neo-Nazi ideology of the Russian World! It’s impossible to respect you, Lemeshonok, who feel amused when people suffer! Only sick and perverted minds would feel amused! I have suffered for years without my children because of your devoted Parishoner Liudmila Trafimovich and you, Andrei Lemeshonok, who illegally denied me the right to be a father!

With the above introduction, please do yourself a favor, Andrei Lemeshonok, and read the rest of the letter carefully. I will use the language you understand, without the F…..you word as you do to anyone with another opinion than yours. How is it possible for someone who claims to be a priest to tell a woman to F…..you because she expressed her opinion? Therefore, paying attention to this letter will be in your and Liudmila Trafimovich’s best interest.

Celebrating Anthoulas fourth Birthday at the Royal Palace in Stockholm

Liudmila Trafimovich – The Abductor of Anthoula and Alexandra 2017.04.18

As you very well know, your devoted Parishioner Kidnapped my two daughters in April 2017 from their home in Stockholm with your blessings and with the help of the Russian Orthodox Church in Stockholm.

For a long time now, I have been asking myself if it would make any difference to express my opinion about the Evil and Satanic actions of yours and your devoted Parishioner Liudmila Trafimovich. 

Finally, I decided that even if my opinion is unimportant to you, I must express it and make it public, respecting the democratic principles with which I grew up and the freedom of speech my mother, Anthoula, and my father, Alexandros, raised me with and taught me to express. 

I dreamed of raising my two bright and wonderful daughters the same way so they would become well-educated, independent, and strong individuals with critical minds so Charlatans and Con Artists like you would not deceive them with Bullshit when they grow up. 

As a father with Hellenic Heritage and Roots, I will not just sit and see how you and your devoted Parishioner are destroying my daughters or any other children without doing anything. I will do whatever is in my power not to let you or Liudmila Trafimovich destroy my two wonderful daughters so they will become like your son with Neo-Nazi values and illiterate. The period of Orthodox methods is over, Andrei Lemeshonok!

It is not a coincidence that all well-educated people distort themselves from you and don’t want anything to do with you, to name just two of them, like the prominent Nun Denisova and Mr. Zhdanovich. But you still, and without permission, publish their photos on your business website for some reason. I assume that is for promotional reasons to attract visitors!

There is a lot of publicity around your face and St. Elisabeth Convent, which is not positive. I know that you fear publicity like Satan fears the Holy Water. Therefore, ask yourself if you need more negative publicity in Belarus and the International Arena. You and your Sect members are no longer welcome in many European countries.  Recently, you were banned in Slovakia also (2024.01.13), a filo Russian country!

Thus, you and your Sect members are still able to visit Italy, but I am working on it together with other left-behind Fathers who are facing the same Cruel and Evil reality of Belarus. You see, many Fathers from Italy, Ireland, England, Hellas, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, and the USA have united their efforts to see you and your Sect members banned in Europe and the rest of the world. Therefore, Andrei Lemeshonok, enjoy that you can still visit Serbia and a couple of other countries in the Balkans.

I have spent a lot of financial resources since April 2017 in my litigation battle for the return of my daughters Anthoula and Alexandra back to their home in Stockholm from where your devoted Parishioner Liudmila Trafimovich Kidnapped them. These resources were meant for Anthoulas and Alexandras’ educational development at the best Universities in the world. 

In contrast to you, I know very well that I will not be able to take anything with me to my last residence except for my knowledge and my memories.

After following you and your Business, St. Elisabeth Convent, for many years and seeing you in your monologues on YouTube where you are rolling with your eyes, pretending that you are thinking and deceiving the audience to believe that you possess some intellectual level, and then, after “exhausting and deep thinking”, just letting some frogs jump out of your mouth. I realized that you, Andrei, and your devoted Parishioner Liudmila Trafimovich are afraid of well-educated, independent, and strong individuals with critical minds and their own opinions. 

Therefore, it is not strange that your devoted Parishioner has refused to let my daughters maintain and develop their language skills in the Hellenic language with a private teacher at their home paid for by me and anything else related to their education. 

It also took me some time to realize and understand that if you were an honest Christian and a real priest, you would not let your devoted Parishioner emotionally abuse and destroy my daughters Anthoula and Alexandra by cutting them off from me, depriving and denying them their universal right to communicate and have regular contact with their father. As you understand, this is another well-founded reason not to respect you, Andrei, because you encourage this methodology!

In contrast to me, your Parishioner Liudmila Trafimovich respects you because you have the same corrupt mindset. She would have listened to you if you had advised her to let my daughters Anthoula and Alexandra study the Hellenic language and have contact with me, their father. But you never did that because you consider me a threat and because it did not cover your scoop of interests, Andrei Lemeshonok! 

You and your Sect members are teaching children to hate, kill, and denounce everything different from the filthy and corrupt “Russian World”. You and your Sect members are teaching children how to use weapons and grooming Children Warriors the same way other countries such as Afghanistan or the Central African Republics do.

SCHOOL IXHVIS - The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation

SCHOOL IXHVIS – The preparation and creation of a new Hitler Youth Generation Oct. 2022

I have followed the so-called school Ichvis for many years and observed that the pedagogues there are changed frequently. In the same way, people frequently change their underwear. That comes not as a surprise to me because I know that many of these pedagogues can not accept and agree with your ideas and choose to escape from this sick and filthy environment. 

That should make you react because it clearly indicates that you have a severe problem in this so-called school and that the education level is shallow except for the discipline “Fundamentals of the Orthodox Faith” and the propaganda about the “Russian World”, of course. You also deprive any parent of communicating directly with the “Principal” or the different teachers to ask about their children’s progress. Can you, Andrei Lemeshonok, motivate this? Can you explain why all communication with this school must go through a specific channel? Please enlighten the world because many parents would like to know!

Some months ago (2023.03.08), your devoted Parishoner Liudmila Trafimovich sent me a message through Viber telling me that you wanted to talk with me. I accepted the proposal and answered your devoted Parishoner Liudmila Trafimovich the following:

I never received any answer to my acceptance of the proposal from your Parishioner Liudmila Trafimovich. That was how serious the proposal/offer was from you, Andrei, and your devoted Parishioner Liudmila Trafimovich!

You claim to be a “Priest”, therefore let me refresh your memory about what Jesus Christ said about those who harm Children:

Matthew 18:2-6

He called a little child to him and placed the child among them. 

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 

Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 

And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. 

Children are “Precious” in God’s sight. Children are protected by Law and International Conventions (UN Convention on Children Rights 1989 and against Child Abduction). But you, Lemeshonok, Lukashenko, the Belarusian Courts, and the “Russian World” do not respect the Law and, even less, God’s words because you are not Christians!

Are you aware, Andrei, that you will be remembered as a Nazi Priest, Kidnapper of Children, and frenetic supporter of the Fascist Lukashenko and Putin while the majority of the world is denouncing them?  Fortunately for you, Andrei Lemeshonik, Lukashenko doesn’t have enough sense to understand that you are actually digging his grave behind his back and that you are dreaming of replacing him with the “short” gay Putin as soon as possible!

Identities have been identified. WHO and WHY, with the support of Lukashenko, takes UKRAINIAN children to BELARUS – With English subtitles.

Identities have been identified. WHO and WHY, with the support of Lukashenko, takes UKRAINIAN children to BELARUS

Another subject that you frequently talk about is your opinion about LGBT. You consider these people to be from a less worthy God. You are starting a witch hunt and accusing them of being against the family. Using populistic cliches like “Breaking a family is the number one task for the devil. When destroying the family, the end of the world will come”! 

I am also sure that you will be surprised if you conduct an Audit on the Harem of Nuns, you have around you and the Priests to see if there are some sexual deviations (from your perspective) and pedophiles among them. I am confident that you will be surprised by the result of this Audit, Andrei Lemeshonok. 

Another topic you often refer to with ease is the Ex-Dictator Khadafi. I feel obliged to ask you, Andrei Lemeshonok, what do you know about the Ex-Dictator Khadafi? Have you met him in person, or did you ever bother to read his biography before you so freely and with excitement praising him? You are a monarchist dreaming about the past Romanov family that you so eagerly want to replace with the “Pseudo-Tzar” Putin. Do you know that the 1969 Libyan revolution, al-Fateh Revolution or 1 September Revolution, was a coup d’état and revolution carried out by the “Free Officers Movement”, led by Colonel Muammar Khadafi, which overthrew the Senussi monarchy of King Idris and resulted in the formation of the Libyan Arab Republic?

For education purposes:
The Muammar Khadafi story

Some weeks ago, at the end of 2023, in one of your YouTube shows, you answered a young man’s question on what to do because he caught his fiancé sending obscene photos to various men on the internet. You answered him that a family cannot be built on these premises and a marriage will end in separation if his fiancé does not end her free time occupation. 

Perhaps you wonder why I am telling you this. Well, here comes the exciting part of this story. After that, our first daughter was born. Your devoted Parishioner went to Belarus together with Anthoula, who was almost one year to visit her mother in Minsk. When she returned from Minsk, she suddenly put a package of suggestive and provocative photos in my face, telling me, “I made these shots to remember my youth”! I couldn’t help myself and started to laugh because the photos your devoted Parishioner showed me were from the same studio where I received pictures from other “Mona Lisa’s” from Minsk before I met Liudmila Trafimovich! It seems that it is a habit of “Ladies” and “Men” in the Russian World to show themselves almost naked.  Recently, some articles about Russian and Belarusian “Ladies” were published.

Your devoted Parishioner obviously felt secure that I would do nothing because we have a wonderful child, my beloved daughter Anthoula. She calculated correctly. I didn’t do anything to break up our home except tell your devoted Parishioner that her mother, Tamara, should be proud to have a daughter with so many qualities! I didn’t think of separating. I focused on maintaining my family and raising my daughter Anthoula with endless love and affection in a healthy environment! Obviously, your devoted Parishioner had other plans. She Kidnapped our Daughters!

Unfortunately, the “Russian Orthodox Church” and its leader never understood why the Patriarchate of Constantinople granted autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. For many years, before 2018, the Patriarchate in Constantinople was aware of the hidden agenda of the Russian Orthodox Church that used its satellite countries to create various obstacles for the Hellenic Patriarchate. In my opinion, the ambition and primary goal of the imperialistic Russian Orthodox Church was to take over the Patriarchate of Constantinople. 

The decision of the Hellenic Patriarch in 2018 to grant autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was a strategic decision that gave an end to the dark plans of the Russian Orthodox Church, who, in reality, shot themselves in the foot and are now in complete isolation. The stupidity and greediness of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian World started the process of self-destruction and degeneration.

My daughters and your devoted Parishioner contracted COVID-19 at your Business, Andrei Lemeshonok, and were hospitalized for two weeks! It took me almost five months to get the health records of my children because your devoted Parishioner tried to keep it secret and created various obstacles with the help of the Belarusian authorities so I would not find out the truth! But it didn’t help her, and I know that she is not well with her health after that. That is why my lawyer and I asked the Prosecutor in Sweden to withdraw the “International Arrest Warrant” so Liudmila can travel if she needs my help. I know Liudmila’s health is in bad condition, and I will help her because I don’t hate her. I never did!

There are many articles published about your lies and deception of people and innocent children, Andrei Lemeshonok. Some are published on AACA.com so people can read about you and the Sect you are heading. There is nothing harmless or humane about what you are doing. It is Satanic and Evil, and you are possessed by greediness.

Suppose you choose to ignore this letter and do nothing to advise your devoted Parishoner Liudmila Trafimovich to change her attitude and let me have regular communication access with my Abducted Daughters and also agree that Anthoula and Alexandra start classes in the Hellenic language with a private tutor immediately. This letter will be published and sent to state authorities, media, churches, and organizations worldwide with additional documentation in such a scenario. 

Therefore, evaluate the situation and what is in the best interest of your Business, Andrei Lemeshonok. I know your Business, St. Elisabeth Convent, is in bad shape already. Do you want it to become worse? I stopped to beg your devoted Parishioner Liudmila Trafimovich, and I will definitely not beg you because you have given up everything that has to do with Humanity and Christianity! 

The technology is developing very fast today, Andrei, and now drones can fly over Belarus without being intercepted and without any problems hitting targets in St. Petersburgh.

*If there are some divergences in the interpretation of the Russian text, the original text in English shall prevail.

Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm 2024.02.12 Sent by traditional post
Stockholm 2024.02.20 Sent digitally