Andrei Lemeshonok and Alexander Lukashenko at St. Elisabeth Convent
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BY 2023.12.14 “Satan got his Clutches deep inside your soul Andrei Lemeshonok”

Должны каяться родители тех, кого избивает ОМОН, Кадафи был единственный в мире «президент для народа», правды, справедливости и честных выборов нет нигде в этом мире, это и другое, а еще «иди ты…» от духовника Свято-Елисаветинского монастыря прот. Андрея Лемешонка.

I thought I would not write about one of many Crazy individuals in Belarus. Still, it was impossible when I listened to the Charlatan and businessman Andrei Lemeshonok and how he talks to his parishioners who have a different worldview from his own.

That is the level of Andrei Lemeshonok, with a damaged psyche, who is using outdated propaganda cliches like the riot police “saved Belarus”, “if not Russia (Putin) helped, Belarus would not exist”, “that in Libya under the dictator Khaddaffi, it was almost ideal-the only president for the people” and closing his delirium with, “the parents of children beaten by riot police must themselves repent for raising such children”!

How did this primitive and mentally damaged individual raise his child (there is enough to read about his son’s Neo-Nazi values)? How can this primitive talk about traditional family values when he could not maintain his family? The answer to this question is self-evident when looking at the following video clip.

Christian Vision:

This primitive and authoritarian individual with no education and a cruel personality is destroying young children and weak-minded people at the monastery St. Elisabeth in Minsk, which he uses as a pretext to run his business in the name of Christianity.

Andrei Lemeshonok is no more Christian than Stalin or Mao Tse Dong was. He runs a business in the name of St. Elisabeth Convent to earn money and power and doesn’t really care if children will have a good education or not. His main goal is to brainwash and indoctrinate children and people in need to create loyal supporters of the Russian World (Putin) to maintain his business enterprise, St. Elisabeth Convent.

Greed and the Syndrome of Depravation have taken over his shallow soul.

Nicolaos Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Captives at St. Elisabeth Convent