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BY 2023.05.18 Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok repents his 2020 political sermons.

Протоиерей Андрей Лемешонок раскаивается в своих политических проповедях 2020 года

Andrei Lemeshonok repents

He stated this at his next spiritual meeting, “Tuesday with the priest” with the parishioners. We publish a fragment of his statement. Recall that in 2020 he spoke for Lukashenko and claimed that peaceful protesters were so armed that there were many victims among the security forces from their attacks.

But don’t be fooled even today. Although he admitted that God forbade him to talk about politics right at the same meeting, he continued to do so with no less zeal. He stated that “the powers that be” deliberately invented the COVID pandemic in order to destroy Orthodoxy. Now, for the same purpose, they organized a war in Ukraine. He calmly argues that he used to think that Putin sold the Donbas since he did not protect it. But now he does what he needs to do. And similar political conspiracy ideas abounded in his speech.

Царква і палітычны крызіс у Беларусі

2023.05.18 #

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