The Monastery St. Elisabeth arranged a religious procession with Russian flags in Minsk 2023.05.09
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BY 2023.05.09 St. Elisabeth Monastery arranged a religious procession under the “Katyusha” and with Russian flags in Minsk

Минский Свято-Елисаветинский монастырь устроил крестный ход под «Катюшу» и с российскими флагами

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Priests and nuns of the St. Elisabeth Monastery in Minsk, together with parishioners, staged a procession with church symbols. The song “Katyusha” played in the background. The video was published by the telegram channel Khrystsyanskaya Viziya.

According to the Telegram channel, the priests staged a procession similar to a religious procession – in their hands, they carried lanterns, crosses, and icons, which are usually used in such cases. But in the background, no traditional religious chants or prayers sounded, but the military song “Katyusha”.

Some carried St. George and Russian flags, including one with the Z symbol that Russia used when attacking Ukraine, and in their hands, the participants carried portraits, probably of their relatives who fought in World War II. Largely because of this, the action of the priests was a march on the Immortal Regiment procession.

Khrystsyanskaya Viziya also published a photo of nun Alexandra, who leads a group to collect aid for the Russian military, with a Russian flag with the Z symbol.

As indicated on the temple’s website, on May 9, a prayer service, a procession of the Immortal Regiment, was held at the men’s compound. Also at the event were a youth performance, “Children of War”, karaoke, a quiz on a military theme, and a concert. A “minefield”, laser tag, an obstacle course, and a shooting gallery were organized for children. “Victory Day is a holiday of spring. The day of the defeat of a cruel war, the day of the defeat of violence and evil. The day of the resurrection of love and kindness,” the clergy believe.

On January 7, 2023, Alexander Lukashenko praised the St. Elisabeth Monastery, which he visits on Christmas Day, for collecting help for the Russian military in Ukraine.

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