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BY 2023.03.12 Media: Swedish parish suspects nuns from St. Elisabeth Convent of cheating

СМИ: шведский приход подозревает монахинь из Свято-Елисаветинского монастыря в обмане

The Swedish parish in the village of Selanger suspects the nuns from the St. Elisabeth Monastery of cheating, reports Reform.by. The article entitled “Russian spy nuns deceived the parish in Selanger in Sweden” was prepared by the newspaper Sundsvalls Tidning and published in the public domain by Expressen.

lukashenko v monastyre

2023.01.07 Alexander Lukashenko with Andrei Lemeshonok at St. Elisabeth Convent

According to the authors of the material, the nuns have been visiting Selanger for several years. This time, the parish offered them a table where they sold items to raise money for “lonely, sick, and orphaned children.” The nuns came from southern Sweden and were on their way to Norrbotten. However, on Wednesday, the parish received new information about visitors: there is a suspicion that the charity is completely going to war in Ukraine.

“I wish we could cancel this,” Helena Westerlind, the deaconess of the parish in Selanger, who received the nuns, told the newspaper.

“Part of the money may go to poor children, but this is an activity aimed at preparing children to become soldiers of Russian nationalists,” he said in a commentary to the newspaper.

According to Helena Westerlind, she was shocked by this news.

“We can only apologize for what happened. We absolutely do not want to be associated with supporting Russia,” she said.

Lukashenka stressed that it is necessary to extend a helping hand to everyone who needs it.

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