Lemeshonok and Lukashenko-The Face of Neo Nazi and Fascism
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BY 2023.01.07 Lukashenka praised St. Elisabeth Monastery for helping Russian soldiers.

Лукашенко похвалил Свято-Елисаветинский монастырь за помощь российским солдатам

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2023.01.07 Alexander Lukashenko with Andrei Lemeshonok at St. Elisabeth Convent

Visiting St. Elisabeth Monastery on January 7, Alexander Lukashenko supported the initiative of Orthodox priests to raise funds for the Russian army, which is waging an aggressive war against Ukraine. 

Earlier, the media reported that in the St. Elisabeth Monastery, they were collecting help for the Russian military participating in the war against Ukraine. With the blessing of the confessor of the monastery, Archpriest Andrey Lemeshonok, the volunteer group “Help to the Brothers” was created.

Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok and Metropolitan Veniamin met Alexander Lukashenko at St. Elisabeth Monastery on January 7.

During his speech, Lukashenka noted that St. Elisabeth Monastery had recently collected aid for Russian soldiers at the front, for which he was criticized by “paid fugitives.”

“You are doing the right thing. Do not pay attention to a dozen or two paid people. We not only help our Russian brothers, the Russians, I have never hidden this. And my yesterday’s visit to the military, to the Russian military, I openly say that we supported and continue to support our brothers.

But we do not forget about Ukrainians, either. About 10,000 who fled the war found permanent residence and shelter in our country last year,” Lukashenka said.

# 2023.01.07 Lukashenka praised St. Elisabeth Monastery for helping Russian soldiers

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