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BY 2021.01.21 BYPOL learned what the Prosecutor General’s Office is hiding in the murder of Roma Bondarenko.

According to the BYPOL initiative, the prosecutor’s office is deliberately delaying the investigation into the murder of Roman Bondarenko. The reason for this is the missing expertise.

Roman Bondarenko

The murder of Roman Bondarenko

Last week we told you what BYPOL members managed to find out about the murder of the artist Roman Bondarenko. Today, February 1, new information has emerged – representatives of the initiative have found out why the Prosecutor General’s Office is so delaying the deadlines for verification in this case. Let us remind you that more than two months have passed since the day of Roman’s death, and nothing was reported to his family.

“Our sources said that the missing expertise has not yet been found, which is the only reason for the delay in the inspection,” BYPOL reports. – During the examination, the experts showed adherence to principles and, in the conclusion, indicated truthful information about the mechanism of causing bodily harm and the causes of death of Roman Bondarenko, which, of course, does not suit the General Prosecutor’s Office conducting the check.

At the highest level, a decision was made that it was necessary to attract more loyal experts who would be ready to change the results of the examination, which was done.

Based on the results of the examination, one copy is sent to the person who appointed the examination. The second remains with the person who performed it. In this case, a copy disappeared, which is sent to the initiator of the examination. It would seem, what’s wrong with that? All examinations are initially issued in electronic form. You can print a new one, re-sign and send it where necessary.

However, in connection with the disappearance of the expert’s conclusion signed and registered in the established order, it is impossible to substitute the results since the original copy may emerge at any time.

And another moment

BYPOL employees also commented on the media ‘s speculations that one of the girls close to Lukashenka, together with Dmitry Baskov and others, was at the “Ploshchad Peremen” on the evening when Bondarenko was beaten. Speech about Elena Kazak, she told reporters about that day like this: “I was not anywhere”.

BYPOL states: Indeed, Elena Kazak, from 22:22:21 to 22:38:47, was in the coverage area of ​​a cellular repeater located at the address: Minsk, st. Osipenko, 17/3, and phoned Zhanetta Volchek, which confirmed her presence in the company with other “activists” in the “Square of Changes” area.

The said citizen will be added to the Unified Crime Registration Book as a person who committed malicious hooliganism and deliberately concealed information known to him about the circumstances of the murder of Roman Bondarenko ”.