PIVOVAROVAN Natalya Petrovna (Пивоварова Наталья Петровна)
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BY 2020.09.08 Received Extract of Health Records for my Children on the request submitted 2020.05.11

EXTRACTS of HEALTH RECORD of my CHILDREN FINALLY RECEIVED on Request SUBMITTED 2020.05.11 to the Administration of the Health Care Institution “City Children’s Clinic No. 13

PIVOVAROVAN Natalya Petrovna (Пивоварова Наталья Петровна)

Pivovarova Natalya Petrovna (Пивоварова Наталья Петровна) – Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Affairs City Children’s Clinic No. 13

13 Children’s Polyclinic of Minsk, Kizhevatova Street 60 building 1, Minsk +375 (17) 212-52-74 Registration

As I wrote earlier, our initial Request/Appeal to have extracts of my children’s Health records was submitted on 11-05-2020. Unfortunately, our request was rejected and denied for various pitiful and pathetic reasons, just to deny me this Fundamental and Universal right as a Father and citizen from another country.

The last reason the public servants in the administration of Belarus invented to deny me this fundamental RIGHT as Legal Representative of my Children was that the issued PoA for my Attorney, Mr. A.K. was not to their satisfaction (these individuals didn’t bother about the PoA of my Attorney in the past, but suddenly……………………….). We received the rejection of our final request (submitted on 31.07.2020) on the 4th of August 2020. My Attorney advised me to issue a new PoA instead, so we would not lose valuable time. And so, I did and sent it to Minsk in 2 days by DHL.

It took my Attorney and me 4 months to receive Extracts of my Children’s Health Records because the mother of my children refused to tell me anything about the HEALTH STATUS of my Children!? And all this with the acceptance and cover-up by the PUBLIC SERVANTS of Belarus, who are supporting the Corrupt and Lawless Administration of the DICTATOR! 

The Health Records of my Children gave us a lot of valuable but also shocking information about how often and how seriously my children have been sick. We also read that they Contracted COVID-19 (from the Monastery they were forced to attend by their mother, Liudmila Trafimovich) and were hospitalized for 2 weeks. Perhaps this was the secret!? This is the Monstrous and Barbaric indifference of all those involved in the cover-up of the Criminal Actions of their citizen Liudmila Trafimovich who is a fanatic supporter of Lukashenko’s Lawless regime……………

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Sep 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2020