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BY 2020.08.18 Priest Georgy Glinsky denied the statements of Andrei Lemeshonok the monastery’s spiritual father

The Cleric of St. Elizabeth’s monastery of the BOC MP in Minsk denied the statements of the monastery’s spiritual father that the entire monastery was “for Lukashenko”.

Source in the Russian Language: https://credo.press/232553/ (Censored by Russian Authorities)

Priest George Glinsky St. Elisabeth Convent 2020

Priest George Glinsky St. Elisabeth Convent

Priest Georgy Glinsky, a staff cleric of the largest St. Elizabeth monastery in Minsk, the BOC-MP, denied on August 18 the statements of the monastery’s confessor, Archpriest Andrei Lemeshonok, that all the servants and residents of the monastery support Alexander Lukashenko. About this, Fr. George wrote on his blog.

He called the video lecture by Fr. Andrei Lemeshonok, published in particular on our Portal. With a trembling voice, the archpriest frightens his audience with “NATO bases” and “severed hands.”

On August 18, the confessor spoke at a meeting of the monastery’s workshop workers, where he stated that “everyone who is involved in the Elizabeth’s Monastery has one common opinion about the events taking place in Belarus, a common assessment”.

Andrei Lemeshonok and Alexander Lukashenko at St Elisabeth Convent

“As a cleric of the Elizabeth’s Monastery, I declare,” writes Fr. Georgy Glinsky – that it is not so. Not only me but other clerics, many employees, and parishioners have different opinions. The Church has a different opinion. If Fr. Andrei were preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ from the pulpit, and not Lukashism or another version of political Orthodoxy, he would also have thought otherwise“.

Published: 08/18/2020  https://credo.press/232553/ (Censored by the Russian Authorities)

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