GAGANOVA Natalia Vasilievna, Гаганова Наталия Васильевна
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BY 2020.08.04 Answer received from the Healthcare Institution “City Children’s Clinic No. 13” with the rejection of the Attorney’s request to have extracts of the medical records.

We received an Answer from the Healthcare Institution “City Children’s Clinic No. 13” with the rejection of my Attorneys’ request to have an extract of the medical record of my daughter A.C. who was hospitalized there with an “INFECTION”  (COVID-19) in May 2020.


GAGANOVA Natalia Vasilievna, Гаганова Наталия Васильевна

Gaganova Natalia Vasilievna (Гаганова Наталия Васильевна)
Chief Medical Officer of the Health Care Institution City Children’s Clinic No. 13

The complete received answer 04.08.2020:

Having considered your appeal regarding the provision of information on the state of health (extracts from medical records) of Alexandra Cheropoulou, born on April 01, 2015, we hereby inform you of the following.

In accordance with Article 20, Clause 1 of Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 300-З of July 18, 2011, “On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities”, the decision of the clinic administration can be appealed to the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee in the manner prescribed by law.

Chief Medical Officer  /signed/   N.V. Gaganova

This time the PoA of my Attorney, Mr. A.K., was not to the satisfaction of the Hospital’s Administration!

I will have to issue a new PoA………………………. 

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Aug 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023