GAGANOVA Natalia Vasilievna, Гаганова Наталия Васильевна
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BY 2020.08.04 The Administration of the “City Clinic No. 13” REFUSED to satisfy our APPEAL/REQUEST.

2020.08.04: Received an Answer from the Healthcare Institution “City Children’s Clinic No. 13” with the rejection of my Attorneys request to have an extract of the medical record of my daughter Alexandra Cheropoulou who was hospitalized there with an “INFECTION” in May 2020.

GAGANOVA Natalia Vasilievna, Гаганова Наталия Васильевна

Gaganova Natalia Vasilievna (Гаганова Наталия Васильевна)
Chief Medical Officer of the Health Care Institution City Children’s Clinic No. 13
13 Children’s Polyclinic of Minsk, Kizhevatova Street 60 building 1, Minsk +375 (17) 212-52-74 Registration

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Excerpts of the received answer 04.08.2020:

To issue an extract from medical documents on the state of health of Cheropoulou Alexandra, you need to provide the health institution “13th City Children’s Clinical Polyclinic” a document certifying the identity of the representative and a duly executed power of attorney containing the authority to apply to government agencies, organizations for obtaining information, including constituting a secret protected by law, in relation to Cheropulu Alexandra. Unfortunately, the power of attorney submitted by you earlier does not contain these powers.

Attached Hereto:

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Aug 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023