KRIVOVYYAS Vasily Sergeevich, Кривовяз Василий Сергеевич
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BY 2020.06.29 ANSWER from the Education Department Mr. V.S. Krivovyaz regarding submitted Request 12.06.2020

После многочисленных телефонных звонков моего адвоката А.К. в органы управления образованием стали приходить ответы. Местная школа для Антула – №35

23-02-2021: The head of the Oktyabrsky district education department
has long been absent from work. He may be detained

KRIVOVYYAS Vasily Sergeevich, Кривовяз Василий Сергеевич

Krivovyaz Vasily Sergeevich (Кривовяз Василий Сергеевич) – Ex-Head of the
Child Protection Sector of the Oktyabrsky District of Minsk

tel .: (017) 375-28-15,
fax: (017) 375-28-15

After my Attorney, Mr. A.K. many phone calls to the educational authority, they started to send answers. The local school for Anthoula is No.35

The Complete Answer:

On consideration of the appeal

Dear Nicolas Cheropoulos,

With regard to your appeal, the Education Department of the Oktyabrsky District of the City of Minsk reports the following.

According to Paragraph 4 of Art. 90 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Education, a compulsory foreign language for learning is determined by the founder of the educational institution, taking into account the state’s needs and the educational institution’s capabilities.

At the State Educational Institution “Gymnasium No. 35 of the City of Minsk” English is taught at the basic level starting from the third grade, and at the advanced level starting from the fifth grade.

There are no educational institutions providing studies in the Greek and Swedish languages in the Oktyabrsky District of the City of Minsk.

In accordance with Art. 20 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities”, you have the right to appeal this response to the Minsk City Executive Committee (4, Nezavisimosti Ave.).

Head of the Department              /signed/ V.S. Krivoyaz

Attached Hereto: The Complete Answer:

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, it looks like Mr. V.S. Krivoyaz has been detained by the Criminal Gang of Lukashenko

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Jun 2010
Reviewed Oct. 2023