KRIVOVYYAS Vasily Sergeevich, Кривовяз Василий Сергеевич
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BY 2020.06.12 APPEAL/REQUEST to the Education Department on ANSWER received 08.06.2020

NEW APPEAL/REQUEST to the Education Department of the Oktyabrsky District of Minsk on ANSWER received 08.06.2020 from V.S. Krivovyaz

KRIVOVYYAS Vasily Sergeevich, Кривовяз Василий Сергеевич

Krivovyaz Vasily Sergeevich (Кривовяз Василий Сергеевич) – Ex-Head of the
Child Protection Sector of the Oktyabrsky District of Minsk

tel .: (017) 375-28-15,
fax: (017) 375-28-15

23-02-2021: The head of the Oktyabrsky district education department
has long been absent from work. He may be detained

The Complete Appeal/Request:

About providing information

As you have been repeatedly informed earlier, since 2008, being in the territory of the Kingdom of Sweden, I have lived together with a Belarusian citizen Lyudmila Arkadyevna Trafimovich. From cohabitation, we have two minor daughters – Cheropoulou Anthoula Anthie’, 06/08/2012 year of birth, and Cheropoulou Alexandra, 04/01/2015 year of birth, who were born and before removed to the Republic of Belarus in 2017, constantly lived in Sweden Stockholm, Dansbanevagen 28, 126 31 Hagersten. At present, my daughters live presumably at the place of residence L. Trafimovich in quarter 24, located on Kizhevatova St., 64 in Minsk.

In connection with the intention to receive training in an educational institution located at the child’s place of residence and not having a religious bias, please inform:

– which general secondary education institution should accept Cheropoulou Anthoula Anthie’ for my child’s education, taking into account the registration address,

– Which general secondary education institutions in the area where my child is registered, Cheropoulou Anthoula Anthie’, have an in-depth study of such foreign languages as English, Greek, Swedish.

Appendix: a copy of the response of the Department of Education of the Administration of the Oktyabrsky District of Minsk dated 11/16/2019.

Yours faithfully,

Nicolas Cheropoulos


Attached Hereto: The Complete APPEAL/REQUEST

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, Jun 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023