KARANIK Vladimir Stepanovich, Караник Владимир Степанович
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BY 2020.05.22 KARANIK V.S. (Каранику В.С.) Minister of Health & SIVAK A.A. (Сиваку А.А.) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
KARANIK Vladimir Stepanovich, Караник Владимир Степанович

Karanik Vladimir Stepanovich (Караник Владимир Степанович) Ex-Minister of Health
Now Appointed Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee

“A wave of criticism among the Belarusian population was also caused by Karanik’s story during a visit to the Grodno Azot plant on August 26, 2020, that a 16-year-old teenager beaten during protests by riot police, who was in a coma, “got in the face”, because he was poisoned by “psychotropics”. The teenager’s lawyer denied the words of the governor, saying that the guy’s body did not contain any alcohol or drugs. This is documented in the epicrisis and medical history of his client”.

Head of the Department of Appeals of Citizens & Legal Entities
GOVORUNOV S.A. (ГОВОРУНОВ С.А.) Ministry of Health

GOVORUNOV Sergey Alexandrovich, Говорунов Сергей Александрович

Govorunov Sergey Alexandrovich – Department of Appeals Ministry of Health

Phone: +375 (017) 226‑52‑60, 200 35 15, 200 44 73 
E-mail: mzrb@belcmt.by
Link: http://www.minzdrav.gov.by/

SIVAK Anatoly Alexandrovich (Сивак Анатолий Александрович)

Sivak Anatoly Alexandrovich – Ex-Head of Minsk City Executive Committee
Now appointed deputy prime minister for the Mogilev region 

CHEREDNICHENKO Dmitry Vladimirovich (ЧЕРЕДНИЧЕНКО Дмитрий Владимирович)

CHEREDNICHENKO D.V. ( Д.В.Чередниченко)
Ex-Deputy Chairman Health Committee Minsk
Now Appointed to Deputy Minister of Health

Direkt Phone: +375 (17) 337-70-79
Phone: +375 (017) 223 72 75, 223 53 52
E-mail: feedback@komzdrav-minsk.gov.by
Link: https://komzdrav.ssrlab.by/

On considering the appeal

Dear Nicolas,

The Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, having considered your appeal sent to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, reports the following.

Article 3 of Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 300-3, dated July 18, 2011, “On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities,” defines the entities that have the right to appeal. Clause 2 of the said article establishes that foreign citizens and stateless persons, representative offices of foreign organizations located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus enjoy the right of appeal on a par with citizens of the Republic of Belarus and legal entities of the Republic of Belarus unless otherwise specified by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, laws and international treaties of the Republic Belarus.

“According to the address indicated by you, it is established that you are not currently in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Thus, you don’t belong to entities with the right to appeal”.

According to the Decree, information about the state of health is provided personally to the citizen (legal representative, or authorized person) upon presentation of a passport or other identification document.

We inform you that the lawyer A.K., acting on the basis of a power of attorney, was informed by the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee on the issue of receiving information about the state of health of A.C.

First Deputy Chairman /signed/ D.V. Cherednichenko

Authors Comment:
To express myself mildly, Cherednichenko has obviously the same intellectual level as Lukashenko    

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2020

Reviewed Oct. 2023