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Всем больницам Минска и всем, кто может дать мне информацию о здоровье моих дочерей Анти (Антула) и Александры Черопулу

Anthoula and Alexandra

My daughters were abducted in 2017 by their mother, Liudmila Trafimovich, from Sweden to Belarus. Based on the information that I have available, my younger daughter Alexandra has recently been admitted to some hospital somewhere in Minsk, but her mother refuses to give me any specific information about her diagnosis or health status. The last time I spoke to her mother, she only told me that Alexandra had an infection, and both of them had been coughing a lot. I am extremely worried that they both are infected with coronavirus, and I would like to ask you to please give me any information about Alexandra. I am her father, and I have the right to know how she is doing or in which hospital she is located. I live in Sweden and have zero access to them. Please help me, if possible.

Information about my daughters:

Anthie’ (Anthoula) Cheropoulou (born 2012.06.08) and Alexandra Cheropoulou (born 2015.04.01)

Mother’s name: Liudmila Trafimovich (born 1975.05.30)

Currently living in Minsk

My Name: Nicolas Cheropoulos

My E-Mail address:

From the very beginning, as the virus was approaching Europe and specifically Belarus, I have been anxiously trying to follow up on the whereabouts of my children. However, and as usual, I have been facing an iron wall as the Abductor, Ms. Liudmila Trafimovich, continued to ignore my messages, and she was replying only with huge delays (if ever) but never giving me any specific answers in regards to our children at all.

This changed a little bit, though, when the worst happened: my younger daughter Alexandra got very sick, and she was taken to a hospital. Of course, nobody ever bothered to inform me about this fact. I only learned about this because, after many attempts, I was finally able to reach my oldest daughter Anthie’ who picked up the phone at Liudmila’s apartment, where she was staying with her aunt, who was watching her.

Even a simple phone conversation with them is being perceived as a threat by Liudmila and her sister. In the end, Anthie’ told her aunt to leave her alone, and she quickly told me that her sister Alexandra was at the hospital. I freaked out, of course, and immediately started to call Liudmila’s cell phone to learn what happened. Liudmila reluctantly started to communicate with me, and I learned that Alexandra “had an infection,” but Liudmila refused to specify what kind of infection it was. At the same time, when talking to me, she (Liudmila) was coughing herself, and she sounded really sick.

I kept sending Liudmila messages, and I also kept calling her. I understood that Alexandra had been admitted to the hospital, and Liudmila was staying there with her. However, after several follow-ups, Liudmila became angry, and she, for some reason, started to insult me, telling me that I was at a high-risk age and I was old, I should rather worry for myself and should not stress out because, again, I was – old.

Not sure why she became so obsessive about my age because she repeated that several times. My assumption is that she was angry that she got sick and not me. I ignored her anger attacks, and I sent her the following message on May 9, 2020: 

No answer. OK, I sent her another message the next day, as follows: “Good morning Liudmila, congratulations on the Victory Day that was yesterday. Can you please inform me about how you and Alexandra are doing, I beg you! I am very worried about both of you. I also would like to know where Anthoula is, how she is doing, and who is looking after her. How is Anthoula’s health?? Please, let me know, I beg you.” Silence again.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthoula and Alexandra
Stockholm, May 2020
Reviewed Oct. 2023