Nemesis and the Rule of Law in Belarus
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BY 2020.01.01 Attorney Mr. Alexander Korsak Arzinger Attorneys at Law Buro – Minsk
Attornyes at Law

Attornyes at Law in GR-SW-BY

When I learned that Mr. Korsak and Ms. Elena Mashonskaya would not work in one law office, I decided to continue my case with him because I consider him to be a highly competent and sharp attorney experienced with international clients and litigation abroad. He is very professional, he follows high ethical and moral standards, and he speaks English perfectly. So, I knew exactly what to do: I followed him.

As such, since January 2020, Ms. Martha Poni and I have been cooperating with Mr. Korsak, who is protecting my interests in Belarus in the best possible way.

Mr. Korsak is the only attorney I can recommend without any hesitation amongst all the others I have met in Belarus.

Nicolaos AA Cheropoulos
Father of Anthie’ and Alexandra
Reviewed Oct. 2023